Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Show BN the door

A few days ago, I was in my favourite restaurant sipping away the heavenly coffee in Manjalara neighbourhood. That was when i saw a young fine looking dude franctically looking for a place to sit and i offered him and his gf to share my table which he happily accepted.

As usuall..a conversation started and it revolved around how nice is the coffee and the vegetarian nasi lemak. Before we could realized it crossed ever to politics as if its the norm in adult conversation in Malaysia.

This dude is an Iban from Sibu..and he has been in KL for 5 years.As the conversation grew..there was a clear line seperating us.. I was morappreciative of Pakatan and he is very toletrant towards BN. Thats not bad. Not bad at all. After all its a democratic country.

And to prove a point to me..he went on to say that PAS had been ruling  Kelantan for more than 20 years and see how backward it is. That was when the conversation took a slight heat. I asked many times he had gone there and visited the place in first person.. To my dismay..he said none..but he gathers his opinion from TV and newspaper...and that put a big smile on my face.

  I asked him about Sarawak and Sabah which is more than 40 years under BN. I asked him if he realized that more than 60 % of villages there have no electric and treated drinking water. Asked if he realized almost 80 % of villagges have no road connecting them. and the worst..Sabah N Sarawak is the 2 most poorest state in Malaysia. And Why is that?

To which, he could not say anything.  Why am I writing this here? Its because there are many youngsters who were influenced by the BN propaganda demonizing pakatan states..when in reality..BN fixed deposit states..had been treated like slave states.

Please wake up and show BN the door. 


Monday, October 22, 2012

Khir Toyo..grounded.

Khir Toyo was finally humbled when he has to apologize to Ronnie Liu.

Khir made the open apology in court by reading out a prepared statement in English and then Bahasa Malaysia.

Khir said he hereby apologises to the Pandamaran assemblyperson and state exco member following an article titled 'Khir membongkarkan lapuran polis Liu Tian Khiew pernah bercampur tangan dalam urusan menghapuskan kegiatan pelacuran (Khir divulges a police report, that Liu had intervened in a vice eradication matter)'.

"In the article, I had implied that Liu (centre in photo) had obstructed the officers of the Subang Jaya Municipal Council and the police in closing down a hotel in Puchong which I insinuated was a centre for prostitution activities.

"I apologise to Liu for further insinuating that he was involved in such activities, which is totally untrue. I deeply regret for causing Liu severe distress as a result of the publication of the said article and hereby retract all statements made against him and apologise unconditionally," said Khir.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tun Mahathir lupa beliaulah yang membersihkan nama George Soros

RAKYAT Malaysia tidak akan kenal dengan George Soros jika tidak dikenalkan oleh bekas Perdana Menteri Malaysia, Tun Mahathir. Tun Mahathir orang yang mempopularkan George Soros di negara ini.

Rakyat Malaysia mulai mengenal George Soros sejak Tun Mahathir menghentam spekulator matawang kaya raya itu dan menuduhnya sebagai punca kejatuhan matawang dan ekonomi Malaysia pada tahun 1997.

Tun Mahathir menggelarkan George Soros sebagai penyangak matawang. Beliau mahu rakyat Malaysia percaya bahawa kejatuhan ekonomi Malaysia pada tahun 1997 adalah kerana penyangak matawang ini meskipun Perdana Menteri Malaysia pada waktu itu adalah dirinya sendiri.

Tun Mahathir mahu rakyat percaya bahawa George Soros menjahanamkan ekonomi Malaysia walaupun segala kuasa, keputusan dan lain-lain di dalam menentukan hala tuju ekonomi negara terletak di dalam tangan beliau pada waktu itu.

Cuba periksa di internet, tulis saja "Mahathir dan George Soros" di Google maka berlambak-lambak gambar Tun Mahathir bermesra bersama orang yang digelarkannya sebagai penyangak matawang itu boleh ditemui.

Setelah hampir 10 tahun Tun Mahathir menghentam dan meletakkan punca kejatuhan ekonomi Malaysia 1997 di atas bahu George Soros, pada tahun 2006, beliau jugalah orang yang membersihkan nama penyangak matawang itu.

Pada 16 Disember 2006, The Star melaporkan Tun Mahathir telah berjumpa dengan George Soros dan membuat kesimpulan bahawa spekulator matawang itu tidak boleh dipersalahkan di atas kejatuhan ekonomi Malaysia kerana dia tidak melakukannya.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Najib's biggest gaffe..

Most of my Muslim friends had a great laugh on this. According to them..the question  is the most basic principles of Islam and how can Najib could not answer such simple thing even after given a clue.
And one was quick to point out that this is what UMNO is all about. All noise and no substance. They ( UMNO) calim they wanna defend the religion and race  but their leader doesn't even know the fundemental things about Islam .

How much damage this video will do. or how the Cybertrooper lunatics going to defend this gaffe is yet to seen., meanwhile Cyber jihadis on the Pakatan side will have a ball of a time over this.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

SHOCKING M'sia 10th LAZIEST nation in the world & the WORST in SE Asia

Malaysia is the 10th laziest nation in the world! The shocking piece of finding came from an international study timed intentionally to coincide with the London Olympic Games.

Worse still, Malaysia turned out to be the most slothful nation by far in Southeast Asia, scoring 61.4% on the inactive index versus Cambodia's 11.2%, Myanmar's 12.7%, Vietnam's 15.3%, Thailand's 19.2%, Philippines' 23.7% and Indonesia's 29.8% . Perhaps due to its small size, neighboring Singapore was not on the survey of 122 countries grading about 89% of the world's population.

Comment : Well if one just sit around coffee shop shop and wait for government contract,  how to be not lazy. There are simply too many  politician wanna be wgo adopt this lazy lifestyle. Don't take my word..just walk around the stall and you will know what I mean.
They will talk for hours over a miserable tea.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

PKR's Rafizi arrested under Bafia

What just the police are thinking? Or shall I say the UMNO and BN dudes are up to? Just few months ago they (Najib's Govt) went on the national tv ( or is it BN TV?) and promised  the entire nation
that whistle blowers will be protected. 

Now they have arrested Rafizi for blowing the cover off Sharizat's Feedlot scandal and he is being arrested for showing the world "thieves" who stole the rakyat's money. Instead zooming in with full force on NFC scandal , they have been treating those who exposed the shameful scandal with ultimate prejudice.

Is this the janji di tepati ( promises fullfiled) the PM has been tellin g everyone? The promise to the cronies..i guess..

Thursday, July 26, 2012

"Janji ditepati"? (Promises fulfilled?)

Its interesting to see how BN leaders crow about their promises had been kept and they must have had amnesia of the grandest scale that they even make it as the Independence Day slogan.

Never mind if some DUMNO leaders say that we have  never been colonialized but they see its fit to spend millions of ringgit to celebrate independence day and giving it a political slogan instead of a patriotic one.

Now coming back to the issue.."promises'. Lets look at the themes of BN's election manifestos  .  Mahathir said :
"Manifesto BN,  merupakan janji yang boleh dilaksanakan oleh kerajaan yang memerintah dan bukan hanya untuk memancing undi."( manifestos are the promises which will be carried out by the government and not just to fish votes)

Below are the themes of their manifestos over the years:

 1982 : Tradisi Membela Rakyat

 1986 :  Kearah Keamanan, Kestabilan dan kemakmuran

 1990 :  Berwawasan, Adil dan Efisien

 1995 : Vision , Justice and Efficient 

 1999 : Malaysia Bebas, Sepadu, Maju (printed but did not launch the manifesto)

 2004 : Cermerlang, Gemilang  dan Terbilang
           ( Excellence, Glory and Distinction)

2008 : Selamat, Aman dan Makmur
            ( Ciri utama : Menangani isu pendatang
              tanpa izin)

In every one of the manifesto, they promised to eradicate poverty and most important of all, they promise to check corruption which even after 30 years.. they find something too difficult  a promise to keep.

So when they can't even keep their biggest promise, what 'Janji Ditepati' they are crowing about. ?


Sunday, July 22, 2012

7 / 11 or KK Mart

Rangkaian 7 / 11 atau KK mart?.

Kebelakangan  ini terdapat persaingan sengit di antara   7 / 11 dan  KK Mart convenient  store  untuk menarik pelanggan ke premis mereka. Sentiasa ada  usaha dan inisiatif yang kreatif untuk memikat hati pelanggan bagi menjamin kesinambungan perniagaan mereka.
Di Damansara Damai  kedua dua pesaing ini berniaga selang beberapa pintu sahaja. Jadi pada satu petang..saya mengambil satu tempat yg agak  strategik untuk melihat..kedai mana yg sering di masuki pelanggan.
KK merupakan kedai yang lebih popular dan dari tinjauan saya di dapati   hampir 4/5 pelnaggan pergi kesana berbanding dengan 1/5 sahaja ke  7/11.
Pemerhatian saya seterusnya meleraikan rahsia  popularity KK.
Harga barangan di KK jauh lebih murah dari  7 / 11. Pada peringkat permulaan 7/11, harga nya memang boleh diterima kerana ia merupakan satu satu nya kedai yg dibuka 24 jam. Tapi sekarang..senario perniagaan sudah berubah. Maka ada lah kurang bijak jika  7 /11 terus mengenakan bayaran tinggi.

Faktor kedua populariti  KK  ia lah kerana kepelbagaian barangan  runcit  yang terdapat disitu. Seolah  olah ia adalah “midi” supermarket dimana mereka menjual dari Touch n Go sampai  arang batu.
Selain dari itu susunan barangan dalam kedai juga merupakan satu faktor yang menarik pelanggan.  Di 7/11 nampak  sangat banyak ruang kosong nya. Semacam lopong  dan tak hidup. Sebalin nya di KK..barangan nya padat dan disusun sebegitu rupa untuk memudahkan pelanggan.
Yang penting di KK peluang untuk kita mendapat  benda yang kita cari adalah cukup baik berbanding dengan 7/11. Maka factor itu dengan sendiri nya menarik lebih ramai pelanggan ke situ.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Devil's Son

Is this a curse or what? It must have been the curses of the countless heads dismembered during wars those days. Or it could be a revenge or sorts that these restless souls taking on the latest generation of their nemesis.? Or is it the devil itself had sent in its own son to lead the state for years.?

No matter how we look at it.. the people are the victims. The worst part, some of these people don’t even realize that they are the victims. Ayo..yo.. can’t the devil’s performance be better? No way.. as far as devilish act is concerned..Taib Mahmud is the permanent Champion.

No;  I am not jealous of his bustiful oppss (oh my English )   I mean beautiful wife.. Why should I ? After all, its his problem how he “manages” bedroom adventures he..he.. But my problem is how he manages the states.

Even the horniest Gorilla might have stop masturbating when it heard that there is no land grab in Sarawak. That was the shock wave or shall I call it syiok wave which went through every worm hole and cave hole in the state. The only hole that it didn’t penetrate was..hmm just forget it.

Coming back to Devils and curses.. ( and their spouses J) its astonishing how a Chief ( ok I agree, I misspell sometimes its “Thief”) Minister doesn’t even understand the very basics of nature that the true natives of the land who lived a nomadic life since time started; like the Penans own the jungle. It’s the government which comes into existence  thousands of years later , with its own sets of new rules must comply with the nature dwellers.

Its the  so called government’s arms that reach deep into the Penan’s habitat. They don’t need a piece of paper to show their validity to occupy the land just as much Taib don’t have to show the validity of his ability for bedroom adventures.  We don’t want to know ,its just his “fucking” business that didn’t concern us.

Just like that..what the Penan wants to do with their anchestral land is their birth right. How much of the land they occupy is also their birth right. Just who the devil are you to jump into their village and chase them out.

Can I just jump into your miserable bedroom and chase you out while your “mounting”  (yap, pun intended. After all it’s a big mountain..he..he..) is in progress telling you that you are actually ruining it and it doesn’t benefit anyone as you are “biting” more than you can “chew” (pun intended). How will you feel then Taib “mountain”.. opps.. (hmm sorry, typing error again as the mountain of his keep crossing my eyes.. he..he..) Mahmud.

Can someone bring a letter from the court stating that you are too old.. (even older than some of the trees your cronies fell) to “deforest” (just being polite mate) a  young virgin (?????) ? “NO” is the answer, Just like that. You have no rights what so ever to tell the Penans that they don’t own the forest.

Well Taib..put back your dentures now, you might need it to baby bite ..oppss my imagination and leave the Penans alone.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Demokrasi Ngelaban Pengawa Ngelakar Bepilihbesai Di Sarawak!

Dipetik Dari Sarawak report :

Mayuh orang ti megai perintah chara dictator ti pemadu jai di dunya tu endang seruran ngaku pemenang sida endang amat-amat menang ditentuka nengah peti undi, ngambika sida ulih ngumbai diri endang orang ti dipilh rayat sida ti ‘rindu sereta sayauka’ sida.
Tang ke bendar, penemu nya semina bula sereta nipu.

Abdul Taib Mahmud nya siku ari raban dictator ti jai nya lalu orang ti kena kelakar iya nya endang iya empu.
Pengawa nipu maya bepilihbesai ti dipejalaika Taib nya diatu nyau nyadika sebengkah ensera tauka cherita lama lalu seruran merindang semua orang, ti endur pangka ari pengawa nya udah mai pengerusak ke menua enggau rayat iya di Sarawak.

Kejang deka bepilihbesai Ke-13 Malaysia, Radio Free Sarawak udah mansutka mayuh macham leman kes bekaul enggau opis Election Commission (EC) ti udah ditemu mindah-mindahka stesyen muai undi di Sarawak ari tumpuk pendiau orang ti semak ngagai sebengkah endur ti jauh sereta enda kala didinga sida! Jaku tangkan ke pengawa mindahka stesyen nya mega enda dipansutka ngagai bala pengundi, tang semina dipadahka EC ngagai sekeda pengundi BN aja.

Lalu dalam bulan Enam tu tadi, sebedau Najib dipelabaka mansutka jaku gerah pasal pengawa bepilihbesai, bala kroni BN bisi ditemu ngenataika diri ngagai rumah Taib Mahmud di Demak Jaya, bebinchingka beg ti berisi duit dikena nyuap bala pengundi – RM50 ngagai sapa-sapa pengundi ti ulih nunjukka sida udah ngundi BN! Lalu ke bendar mega, endang bisi dikereja pengawa ngulah peti undi, ngisi rintai nama pengundi ngena nama pelesu, jaku emba ngagai raban pengajar enggau orang ti kereja perintah enggau raban orang ti endang begunaka bantu ari opis perintah menua.

Raban pengereja pengawa ari opis EC bisi mega ditemu ngemulaka seraban pengundi ari sebengkah rumah panjai ti endur orang rumah panjai nya diasuh nurun muai undi muak ke ngalih hari aja, lalu sida dulu diasuh ngelantangka ati seraya ngirup arak ba muak ke pagi dulu ari nya.

Tang lebuh orang rumah panjai ti udah mabuk enggau ngelu pala nya datai ba palan muai undi muak ke lemai, sida nemu palan nya udah ditutup – laban palan muai undi nya endang dibuka muak ke pagi aja.

Taja pan baka nya, pengawa nyuap enggau penyalah nipu maya bepilihbesai nya empu endang dipeda nyadika siti ari sistem ti belaban reti enggau demokrasi ti didirika Taib dikena iya nentuka semina mimit aja pengundi ti ulih dikemataka iya, deka bulih peluang muai undi.

Penerang ari opis EC tau bendar ngasuh kitai tekenyit ti madahka pasal pengawa ngerejista bala pengundi baru di menua Sarawak. Angka rasmi ari EC nya madahka utai ti patut ditemu kitai pasal utai ti benung nyadi.

Diatu bisi semina 28% aja orang ti udah tau ngerejista di menua Sarawak dikemendarka ngundi!
Ke bendar iya, selampur sistem muai undi nya udah diulah dikena nentuka semina bala orang di menua pesisir aja enggau orang orang ti mimit tubuh tau ngundi.

Di menua pesisir ti endur mayuh agi tanah NCR ti kena keruga bala tukang tumbang kayu batang Taib enggau kompeni kebun sawit, perintah BN nadai bebendar bejalaika atur mantu ngaga kad pengelala, tauka ngerejista bala pengundi baru lalu pia mega ba mayuh kes bukai, perintah BN mega nadai mantu ngaga surat peranak ke nembiak mit ti baru ada.

Ambi ke banding, nitihka penerang ari gerempung NGO Mafrel (ti seruran nirika penemu minta pengawa ngundi nya beresi sereta dipejalaika enggau lurus) di menua Lawas ti endur datai ke 30,000 orang ti udah chukup umur ngundi, tang semina 6,000 iku aja pengundi ti berejista. Tang ba pengawa bepilihbesai ti dudi tu tadi, bala pengundi di menua Lawas udah nulak pengari BN lalu nirika pengari ari parti penyakal.

Di Batang Ai, Lubok Antu, ti endur besai bendar rampa tanah udah tengelam laban ai tekat hidro elektrik dia, lalu enggau rampa kandang menua ti besai bendar udah diambi kebun sawit SALCRA, ti nadai meri penguntung nama-nama ngagai orang di menua nya, tang udah mai pengeraja ngagai sida Sapit Kepala Menteri Alfred Jabu sebilik, bisi 22,000 iku orang ti udah chukup umur tau ngundi, tang ke diatu semina 8,000 iku aja bala pengundi ti berejista.
Lalu di pelilih menua Belaga, ari 23,000 iku orang dia, semina 7,000 iku aja nya pengundi ti berejista.

Tu meh utai ti dikumbai kitai pelilih menua bepilihbesai tauka kerusi buruk, ti endur Taib udah nentuka semina mimit aja bala orang diberi peluang nurun ngundi – iya nya bala orang ti ulih disuap perintah BN.

Udah pengelama 30 taun merintah dalam BN, Taib enggau raban menteri BN iya betegalka sida enda ulih ngusung bala pengundi, laban ‘menua sida nya kelalu jauh dilawa! Tang, ba BN, sida nadai tentu penanggul tama kampung puang ti jauh-jauh endur sida ngulihka kayu batang lalu muka kebun sawit.

Ke bendar iya Taib endang deka ngemesaika kandang rampa menua bepilihbesai di Sarawak, laban enti enda pia iya tentu deka lenyau kuasa atas bala pengundi. Tu, laban kejang deka bepilihbesai ke dulu suba, raban ari opis EC, ti endang patut bekereja enda setanah enggau sapa-sapa, tang sida endang dikuasa BN, udah nulak 90% peminta ngerejista pengundi baru di Sarawak lalu nadai mega meri tegal nama kebuah sida nulak peminta nya!

Pengawa minta ngerejista pengundi baru nya udah dikereja raban orang enggau bebendar ti deka mantu rayat menua pesisir ngenataika sada nyawa sida nengah peti undi. Tang Taib mega bebendar amat nentuka semua tuju enggau juluk ati nya enda ulih nyadi nyata.

Pegawa Taib ngaga garis entara menua ke sitak menua bepilihbesai (iya nya sebengkah pengawa nipu) mega dikereja ba beratus-ribu iku pengundi di kandang nengeri. BN udah mayuh bendar lenyau sukung ari bala pengundi rebak baru di kandang nengeri. Bala pengundi nya ulih ngaga kaul nengah internet lalu sida seruran meri enggau nerima penerang enggau berita ari pangan diri enggau naka penyampat, taja pan Taib udah bebendar amat nguasa media berita baka TV, radio enggau suratkabar.

Bala pengundi di nengeri baka di Kuching, Miri, Sibu enggau di nengeri ti bukai diatu udah belabuh leju enggau penyalah makai suap, pengerangka tuai-tuai dalam BN, pengusut rampa menua sereta enggau pengari perintah BN ti enda landik bekereja.
Nya alai, baka ni chara Taib deka ngiarka sida tu? Iya ngereja tu enggau chara meri seraban pengundi ti mayuh tubuh enggau kerusi ti mimit. Lalu, siti kerusi ba sitak nengeri ti bisi 30,000 pengundi, ti endur Taib ulih nyuap lalu ngemba raban pengundi ti mimit tubuh, iya nya raban orang 5,000 iku aja.

Taja pan BN udah nipu, nyuap bala pengundi sereta ngulah peti undi, parti-parti penyakal udah mujur bulih pemenang 41% undi. Tang laban mayuh agi bala pengundi sida tu ari kandang nengeri, dia sida semina bulih 21% ari semua kerusi, lalu enggau nya udah mujur nentuka Taib agi ulih bepagut ba kuasa iya dalam Dewan.

Ke bendar iya, sukung bala pengundi ti mayuh, lebih agi ba kandang nengeri, ti nyukung raban penyakal udah nyadika sebengkah situasyen ti tau ngasuh Taib remban, taja pan iya mujur bulih mayuh agi kerusi buruk ba kandang menua pesisir.

Tu meh kebuah, dictator tuai nya seruran berumban-rumban ngusung rumah tuan Gabenor, taja pan ba tengah malam ninting kali tembu pengawa ngundi, ngambika iya ulih jampat-jampat ngangkat sumpah nyadi kepala menteri sebedau raban pengundi di nengeri angkat nagang iya!

Diatu, ukai semina Sarawak Report aja ti ngemesaika pekara nipu tu ngagai serata dunya. Pengawa Taib ti nipu ninting kali bepilihbesai di Sarawak mega udah direpotka magazine The Economist ti endang besetuju enggau repot enggau serebana ti dikeluarka kami.

Taib udah ngemalu rayat iya empu ba mua komuniti dunya, lalu tu meh maya iya patut dibuai kitai lalu sama-sama ditumbakka begulai enggau parti BN ti udah kelalu rama sereta riri bekerugaka menua Sarawak enggau rayat iya?

Komen Blogger : Adakah kita masih harus biarkan Iblis bertopeng manusia terus berkuasa.  Bukankah menjadi tuntutan setiapa agama didunia ini untuk menentang kekejaman iblis dan syaitan. Ayuh..kita perangi iblis.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lihatlah betapa cerdik nya menteri menjawab..

STEPHEN THEN of The Star wrote this.

THERE are increasing warning signs emitted by our ecosystem to suggest that all is not well with Nature in many parts of Sarawak.
Last week, the Sarawak Forestry Department issued a notice saying that the Loagan Bunut National Park in interior northern Sarawak had to be shut down until further notice because of water shortage. Water shortage in a national park with lush greeneries? Now, if that is not worrying news, what is?

Two weeks ago, the Balui, Belaga and Rajang rivers in central Sarawak dried up in certain parts, so much so that cargo transportation was disrupted in several stretches.
Belaga assemblyman Liwan Lagang acknowledged the severity of the low water volume and the Bakun Dam management had to release more than 1,000cu m of water per second from the Bakun dam reservoir for two days running to shore up the water level in the three rivers.That is another serious indicator of trouble.

When there are three mighty rivers drying up, it is cause for worry. And for the past three weeks, Kuala Baram district in Miri Division was hit by wildfires and haze, so much so that even rain could not douse the peat fires.

Natural Resources and Environment Minister Datuk Douglas Uggah came to Miri and chaired a high-level meeting with the local Barisan Nasional politicians and heads of government department and agencies to try to deal with the issue, after the Air Pollutant Index hit the 270 mark at the fire sites in Kuala Baram.

I was assigned by my editors in Kuching to cover the press conference by Uggah. I went rather reluctantly. I had covered similar press conferences by Uggah year after year everytime the wildfires and haze happened and I sort of knew what he was going to say, again.

I was sceptical if he would say anything new. He admitted that the current measures used to tackle the wildfires and haze problem in Sarawak were not working and needed to be reviewed. He said the same thing last year.

Uggah said more water-pumps needed to be brought in to douse the fires, more fire-fighting volunteers needed to be trained and more effective enforcements must be put in place.
Again, these were the same things he said last year when the haze and wildfires happened in Miri.

I asked Uggah three questions, before he abruptly ended the press conference and hurried for a coffee break. My question were these: “Datuk, why is Sarawak still allowed to practise open burning to get rid of plantation and agricultural waste when peninsula states have already banned such open-burning and are practising zero-burning?
Uggah replied that in the peninsula states, only burning for religious rituals are allowed.He sidestepped my question.

I asked him another question: “Datuk, shouldn’t Sarawak be compelled to implement a zero-burning policy just like in the peninsula? Uggah replied: “I am sorry. That you have to ask the Sarawak Natural Resources and Environment Board.”

Again I asked him: “Datuk, unless zero-burning is implemented in Sarawak, next year we will end up with the same fire and haze problem and you will end up saying the same thing all over again.” Uggah merely repeated his last answer: “I am sorry, you have to ask the NREB.” And the press conference ended.

This sort of high-level meeting will continue to remain a futile public relations exercise unless they dare to deal with the core issue at hand. The core issue, as far as the wildfires and haze are concerned, is that if Sarawak continues to allow big plantations and estates to burn their waste through open-burning, the problems and issues at hand, as we know them today, will continue to make their annual return.
Our government politicians must stop making rhetorics and recycling excuses year after year. When they do that they are side-stepping serious issues that are staring them in the face.
The rhetorics and the repeated excuses must stop. Politicians need to be brave in voicing out issues that are important, even if it means stepping on sensitive toes.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Apabila Rakyat Sarawak Bangkit...

Apabila rakyat bangkit  dan menentang kezaliman pemerintah yang rakus menyalahgunakan kuasa, jelas terbayang diwajah pemerintah durjana itu;  ketakutan yg teramat sangat.

Ini lah senario di Sarawak di mana arus kebangkitan sedang bertiup kencang diserata pelusuk negeri Sarawak.
Seolah skrip filem politik.. yang penuh dengan drama, kebangkitan ini juga penuh dengan insiden. Tiga tahun lepas;  kebangkitan orang kampong untuk menentang  BN  akan dianggap mitos moden tetapi sekarang ia adalah realiti dek kejahilan BN itu sendiri. Siapa sangka rakyat Sarawak akan berubah angin dalam masa yang terdekat ini.

Beberapa kes rampas tanah, merobohkan rumah panjang ,  penyalahgunaan kuasa, kronisme dan penindasan telah membuka mata masyarakat kampong dimana sekarang mereka mengharapkan PKR untuk mambantu dan menyelamatkan mereka dari amcaman BN dan kroni kroni nya.
Baru baru ini kes kampong Umpol di Ulu Niah telah menyemarakkan perasaan Dayak untuk bersatu hati demi mempertahankan tanah, harta dan maruah mereka. Dan kes ini bersama beberapa kes lain memaparkan keikhlasan pemimpin pemimpin Pakatan rakyat yang turun membantu orang kampong dalam menghadapi kezaliman pemerintah.
Dan yang paling penting, Radio Free Sarawak merupakan teraju utama dalam menerangi minda rakyat di pedalaman yang selama ini berada dibawah jentera propaganda BN; dengan menyiarkan berita sebenar yang berlaku di Negara ini. Radio Free Sarawak merupakan tonggak  utama dalam meniup semangat kebangkitan ini dan ia amat jelas terlihat apabila orang ramai berebut mencari radio short wave untuk mendengar siaran dua jam itu.
Diharap, rakyat Sarawak akan terus bangkit dan menghalau pemimpin rakus kuasa dari Sarawak.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Datuk Seri Dr.James Jemut Masing buat lawak..

Apalah nasib Sarawak dapat peminpin macam ni. Memang malang jika pemimpin sendiri tak kenal siapa diri mereka.

Dalam satu temuramah..bila ditanya kenapa tanah orang Dayak boleh diambil sewenang wenang nya, beliau yang juga Menteri Pembangunan Tanah, berkata " ia adalah kerana orang Dayak tidak ada pemimpin "

Habis, James Jemut Masing ni siapa? Pemimpin Yahudi kah? Bukan kah Si Jemut ini yang telah bersekongkol dengan Sng Chee Hua untuk menjatuhkan pemimpin Iban Datuk Daniel Tajem dan ia membawa kepada kehancuran Parti Bangsa Dayak Sarawak. Perlu diingat PBDS  majoriti ahli nya adalah Iban dan ia adalah jaguh mereka.

Bukan kah dia meraih undi dengan mengatakan dia akan memimpin mereka untuk kehidupan yang makmur.? Berapa ratus kali dia berjanji dia akan memperjuangkan hak dan isu tanah adat Dayak? Berapa ribu kali dia berkata dia adalah pemimpin Iban yang boleh diharapkan.

Tapi bila ditanya kenapa tanah adat orang Dayak dirampas sesuka hati oleh kerajaan dan kroni nya..dia kata kerana Dayak tiada pemimpin besar. Lawak lawak..ini seorang lagi pemimpin yang lupa diri . Dia lupa siapa dia dan apa yang telah dia janjikan. Pemimpin yang hanya mencari kekayaan untuk diri sendiri seperti ini wajib dibuang sejauh yang mungkin.


The Dayak Dilemma

 As an activist, I'm disheartened to see the Dayak community being taken for a ride by the  savaging federal government and the ruthless state government after plundering the resource rich state to the hilt. Any rational minded person can never tolerate such despicable acts.

I frequently write in my blog , comment in facebook  and in numerous other web sites on how the government has been hoodwinking , manipulating ,scamming and swindling  the poor people. The BN is ungrateful to people of Sarawak who made it possible for BN to cling on power when some states dropped BN.

My contentions are..

i) Sarawak should have a major highway like PLUS in the peninsular; linking Kuching and KK in Sabah.. In peninsular they approve RM 22 million per km to build a highway to link Banting and Taiping but for Sarawak they only approve RM 200 thousand per km to repair the Pan Borneo Highway which is a death trap at certain places. Building dual carriage road should not be a profit driven act but its the basic right of every Sarawakian to drive on safer roads and the travel time to be shortened . To upgrade the present Pan Borneo Highway to dual carriage highway will only cost a fraction of what it cost to buy the unsinkable scorpenes. So its the governments moral and public obligation.
If they can spend billions to buy useless submarines why can't they spend the same for the rakyat of Sarawak and Sabah.  The government is not a company that put profit first but it should make the people their priority.  If the cost should be justified by the usage than how one can justify the purchase of scorpene submarines.

ii)There should be individual radio stations for the major Dayak groups such as Iban and Bidayuh so that they don't have to share air time. If the Malays.Cinese and  Tamils  can have their own radio stations 24/7 why can't the Ibans have it? .

iii) As Sarawak is one of 3 entities that form Malaysia together with Sabah.. it should have its own television station catering for their main ethnic groups. The air time can be shared by the all the groups. Again profit should not come into consideration as it should be part of RTM's public service and RTM  not only should encourage local content in the programs aired but also  become a platform to enrich the ethnics rich culture be it in music, play or  film.

There must be a “Sungai Buloh” class hospital in every division of Sarawak. The government should not give any excuse in building quality hospital for the people of Sarawak. after all they (Sarawakians) are the fixed deposit of BN party as claimed by the Prime Minister. So why treat the people so  badly  when they are the ones who put you in power.

In peninsular the BN government find it fit to build a RM22 million school in the interior part of Pahang where there are only 15 students but why schools in Sarawak's interior left to rot.  Compare the facilities of schools from the interior of Peninsular and those of Sarawak’s. Than we will see how much education had been deliberately neglected in Sarawak.

The most important thing of all.. about one third of the people election observer group “Malaysian Election Observer Network” (Meo Net) has met in the interiors of Sarwak cannot register as voters because they are not document.
This is the scariest scenario of the Dayak’s Dilemma where the government did not reach out to its people to document them. But immigrants from neighbouring  countries were given instant citizenship. Why the people of the land is silently sidelined and become stateless in their own state. There is definitely a hidden agenda.

The people must rise and demand their rights. They should use their voting power to get what they want and choose the next government who is willing to cater for their basic needs. Remember ..the people are the real BOSS

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

BN in Sarawak behaves like Zionist Israel

26th June, is the day many in Sarawak will remember as the day when Barisan National showed its true ugly land grabbibg face. There have been hundreds of land grabbing cases..but this one is one of the best.

Imagine the total disrespect on behalf of BN when their cronies; WTK march on to evict 300 people of Rumah Umpol, Ulu Niah without offering a single sen in conpensation.. The 60 doors long house has been in existence for decades and they have documents to prove their legal standing over the land. 

It clearly shows how BN had grown to become  inhuman and heartless , brutal and cruel,merciless and savage. Is this BN's gift to the people of Sarawak for being their "fixed deposit"

The question is, didn't BN told the whole world that their policy is "people first" (rakyat didahulukan) but why treat the poor Ibans as if they are slaves.

BN proudly proclaim that "Janji ditepati" (kept the promises) and that is this years Merdeka slogan.But the question is "janji pada siapa"? why the people were treated like they are 3rd class animals.Why there is wanton disregard for their rights.?

It has been BN's traditional motto: "tradisi membela rakyat" (Upholding people's right is our tradition)but now we know that all these sweet words are mere lip service as BN is just like Zionist Israel, where they don't care for the people's anchestral right.

Now the people of Rumah Umpol in Ulu Niah, are against the  big bullies in every way they can.. They  even call their anchestral spirits  to be with them to fight the evil intruders. 

The rest of Sarawak should not just stand and watch. Join the fight and show the "power crazy monsters" that people are the real masters. Spread the word that how the BN will grab their land and no land is safe. Its time to take back what is rightfully yours.."Sarawak".

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Debate Is Not Our Culture ?

Wow.. This really takes the cake. Najib has made many announcement that makes him look like 5 year old kid. But the one he made about "Debate" not being our culture is the best so far.

What the hell is he doing if not debating motions in the parliament. Or the BN law makers think its a place for them to sleep and thats what they have been doing all the while.

Debate is contention in argument, dispute, controversy, discussions especially the discussion of questions of public interest in Parliament or in any assembly. 

How dare Najib could lie when the list below proves that "Debate" is very much alive  and a part of our culture. Just take a look at the number of debate championship taking place in Malaysia every year and judge for yourself.

  • National Novice Debating Championship
  • Universiti Teknologi MARA Intervarsity Championship
  • Multi Media University Intervarsity Championship
  • International Committee for the Red Cross (ICRC) International Humanitarian Law Debate
  • Womens Intervarsity Debating championship
  • Gombak Open Debate (IIUM)
  • Bar Council Human Rights Debate
  • Organisation of Islamic Countries Debating Championship
  • World Universities Peace Invitational Debate (WUPID)(with H&G Strategic Communications)
  • Institut Pengajian Tinggi Debate (HEP-IPTS)
  • Ministry of Higher Education Cup (MOHEC)
  • Royals Malaysian Intervarsity Debating Championship (MADUM)
  • National Health & Sciences Debate (IMU)
  • Occupational Safety & Health Debate (UiTM Penang)
  • Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Intervarsity Championship
  • Northern Region championship (UTP)
  • Southern Cup Debating championship (UTHM)
  • Borneo Cup Debating Championship (UMS)
  • Malaysian Debate Open (MMU Malacca)
  • UiTM Vice Chancellors Cup Debating Championship
  • Arau Open Debating Championship (UiTM Perlis)
  • Iskandar Debate Open (IDC) – UTM
  • Merdeka Public Speaking championship (MADUM)
  • UPM Vice Chancellor’s Cup
  • Bar Council Public Speaking championship
  • Iskandar Debate Open
  • International Islamic University Debate O
  • WUPID High School Debate Camp

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Jika aku anak Sarawak...

Setiap kali aku ke Sarawak, terasa sedih sangat.. melihat keadaan rakyat di pedalaman..Kekadang terasa sayu pabila terkenang..selepas puluhan tahun merdeka masih lagi bagai di belenggu penjajah barat. 

Negeri mereka diperah sampai ketitisan terakhir  sumber nya lalu dibawa ke semananjung untuk dikongsi bersama. Tetapi setakat mana keikhlasan kerajaan perseketuan dalam membahagikan kemewahan secara sama rata?

Adakah Sabah dan Sarawak satu antara 14 negeri atau satu antara 3 entiti yang membentuk Malaysia? Rata rata semua pelajar sekolah akan mengatakan bahawa Sabah dan Sarawak adalah satu antara 14 negeri kerana buku teks mengatakan sedekian. 

Hakikat nya..Sabah dan Sarawak adalah satu antara 3 entiti yang membentuk Malaysia maka segala harta sepencarian harus di kongsi atau pecah 3..dan bukan 14 seperti yang dilakukan sekarang. 

Justeru itu royal minyak seharus nya 30% dan bukan nya 5% seperti yang diberi. Satelah mengangkut keuntungan hasil negeri negeri ini..ia dibiarkan bergelut dengan infrastruktur yg menghibakan. Lebih malang lagi ia tidak ada satu lebuhraya ala PLUS bagi menyambung Kuching dengan KK.

Sebahagian besar kampong tidak ada air minuman bersih dan   elektrik tapi kita mencanang keseluruh dunia bahawa Malaysia akan menjadi negara maju menjelang 2020. Itu adalah bukti bahawa kerajaan persekutuan langsung tidak ambil kira suasana dan kebajikan rakyat Sabah dan Sarawak dalam menentukan target kebangsaan atau dalam membentuk dasar baru. Ia seolah olah tak wujud langsung.

Jika aku anak Sarawak.. akan ku naikkan sepanduk disetiap kampong yang berbunyi.."Jika kami tidak dapat jalanraya, air dan elektrik kami akan mengundi pembangkang".

Jika seribu kampong berbuat demekian..lihatlah betapa cepat air dan elektrik akan sampai.. Lihatlah bagaimana semua traktor dan jentera akan dikerah untuk membuat jalan raya.

Jika aku anak Sarawak..akan ku minta hospital ala Hospital Sg Buloh disetiap Bahagian dengan doktor yang secukup nya. Akan ku tuntut supaya hospital itu dilengkapi dengan segala kemudahan supaya rakyat Sarawak tak perlu tertumpu ke Kuching untuk rawatan kritikal.

Jika aku anak Sarawak, akan ku mintak Saluran khas radio untuk semua bahasa utama  di Sarawak tanpa perlu dikongsi masa siaran.

Jika aku anak Sarawak, akan ku tuntut saluran khas TV dalam bahasa Iban dan dikongsi bersama suku Dayak yang lain.

Jika aku anak Sarawak. akan ku tuntut jalanraya berlorong kembar bagi menyambung setiap bandar utama dalam negeri ini.

Jika aku anak Sarawak akan ku tuntut dibayar gantirugi setimpal bagi setiap tanah adat yang telah dirampas dengan sewenang wenang nya oleh kerajaan negeri 

Jika aku anak Sarawak akan ku pujuk anak anak Sarawak lain supaya mereka tidak mengundi BN yang memperlakukan rakyat Sarawak semacam hamba yang mengemis.

Jika aku anak Sarawak, akan ku bagi tau atuk dan nenek, emak dan ayah, pakcik dan makcik untuk tidak mempercayai propoganda BN di TV. 

Dan jika aku anak tulin Sarawak, akan ku bebaskan negeri ini dari cengkaman kejam Barisan Nasional. Ayuh..anak anak Sarawak..

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Why you should think twice before voting BN..

Someone asked me to give one reason why he should not vote BN into power. I gave him 51.

    1. PKFZ RM12bill   

    2. Submarine RM500mil

    3. Sime Darby RM964mil

    4. Paya Indah Westland RM88mil??

    5. Pos malaysia (transmile) RM230mil lost

    6. Eurocopter deal RM1bil waste?

     7. Terengganu Stadium Collapsed RM292mil??    

     8. MRR2 repair cost RM70mil??     

     9. Maybank Overpay for BII RM4bil??      

     10. Tourism -NYY kickback RM10mil??    

    11. 3 paintings bought by MAS—————– RM 1.5M                 

    12. Overpayment by Sport Ministry————- RM 8.4M     

    13. London 's sports complex —- RM 70M??          

     14. MRR2 Repairs—————————— RM 70M      

     15. MATRADE repairs ————————– RM 120M

     16. Cost of new plane used by PM————– RM 200M    

     17. InventQ irrecoverable debt —————- RM 228M??    

    18 . Compensation for killing crooked bridge —– RM 257M   

    19. Lost in selling Augusta ——————— RM 510M??   

    20. Worth of AP given out in a year ———— RM 1.8B??      

     21. Submarines (future Muzium Negara artifacts)- RM 4.1B    

    22. PSC Naval dockyard ———————— RM 6.75B

23. The Bank Bumiputra twin scandals saw    (RM3.2 billion )

24. The Maminco attempt tin coup (RM1.6 billion)

     25. Bank Negara Forex Misadventure (RM 30 billion)

26. Perwaja Steel  losses of US$800 million (RM2.56 billion).

     27. The sale of M.V. Agusta by Proton  loss of RM 348 million

     28. Cheating Terengganu oil royalty 2004 to 2007 (7.4 billion)

    29.   Philharmonic Orchestra swallowed RM 500 million

     30.   The goverment spent a total of RM 3.2 billion to teach 

              Science and maths in English and bought notebooks 3 

              times of the market price in shadowy RM2.21 billion deal.


    31.   Perimekar jet and submarine commision RM 910

    32.   Gerbang Perdana half bridge compensation RM 300.

    33.   Custom and Immigration facilities cancelation due to  

              scenic half bridge scarp. (RM 1.3)

    34.    Parliament Renovation RM 100 million and still leaked.

    35.    National Astronaut Programme RM 40 million

    36.    National Service. Cronies make RM 500 million a year.

    37.    Eye on Malaysia RM 30 million . RM 5.7 million worth

              of free tickets had been given away.

    38.    Indelible ink debacle RM 2.4 million.

    39.    Goverment paid RM 38.5 billion as compensation to 

               20 highway companies owned by cronies.

     40.   Sarawak Chief minister timber kick back RM 32 million.

     41.  Total MAS bail out RM 7.9 billion 

     42.  Putra Transport Bail out RM 4.486 billion.  

     43. Star LRT bailout. RM 3.256 billion.

     44. National Sewerage bailout RM 192.54 million.

     45. Seremban - Port Dickson bailout RM 142 million.

     46. Kuching prison bail out RM 135 million.

     47. Kajian Makanan dan Gunaan bailout RM 8.3 million.

     48. Le tour Langkawi bailout RM 3.5 million.

     49. Saham Bumi Fiasco.. RM 52 billion lost into thin a

    50. Petronas paid RM 30 billion to IPP as subsidies when 

           the cronies' IPP were already making cut throat profit.

    51. Malaysian Cowgate (Sharizat) scandal RM 250 million


Just imagine how the country would have benefited if these

wastages had been avoided and put to good use. The billions of 

ringgit that were used to enrich cronies and the BN leaders 

themselves ; could have made the life of millions of people a far 

better one with proper schools, hospitals , roads, drinking 

water and electric. 

But the "devils" in 'BN leaders" disguise were so cruel and 

heartless, so barbaric and atrocious , inhumane and vicious,

ruthless and wicked that they could betray their own kind 

and country. Do we need them?



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