Thursday, January 8, 2009

Police force has improved, claims Suhakam

The Malaysian Police was on par with its counterpart from around the world untill it started to be loyal to politicians only instead of the people.

Imagine they closed all the roads leading to the Parliament House just to prevent Anuar and his supporters from being there.. Is this what they meant by improvement..

People go to police station and suddenly change their sworn affidavit and dissappear after that ,without a trace.. (P.I. Bala).. is this what they call improvement..

The crime rate has gone up by leaps and bound... is this what they call improvement... or the report below taken from Malaysiakini... shows how much the PDRM has improved..

"The reactions of the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) to the Jerit cycling campaign are not only disproportionate but unprofessional and malicious. The IGP, Deputy IGP, state police chief district OCPDs seem to have mobilised the entire national police force to try to stop a small group of cyclists from reaching Parliament to hand over a memorandum on issues of concern to all Malaysians such as fair wages, combating rising prices, affordable housing and greater government accountability. "

Are they fighting crime or partner in crime?

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