Friday, November 27, 2009

Let truth be told: the truth behind BTN

What is all the fuss about?

(Below is a letter taken from Malaysia today. Thank you Penagboi)

My close friend who is a teacher in a kebangsaan school had first hand experience at such a BTN brainwashing session. She and a host of teachers were all sent to a campus where they had to listen to lectures given by BTN officials.

And the contents of the lectures were all about how the Malays must always considered as more superior than other races because they other non-Malays are pendatangs. The non-Malays are in Malaysia due to the largesse of the Malays.

She likened the lecture-style and delivery very much to the way imams carry out their sermons during Friday prayers. Lots of shouting and angst. The whole experience was so repulsive that some of the Malay cikgus had to leave the lecture hall, and some even broke down and cried after listening to the pure propagandas.

I have always highlighted this Hitler-style brainwashing. There are very strong parallels between Hitler's championing of the Aryan race vs the others, and UMNO's championing of the Malay race vs non-Malays.
But when I start telling this to friends and relatives they all found it too far-fetched to believe.

So, I am very glad that MT and RPK in particular, are focusing on this very despicable policy of UMNO/BN. The very fact that BTN is under the PM's department is proof that such racist indoctrination is a very important policy of UMNO/BN.

It is again one of the many proofs of what a liar the government is when they say one thing and does another. 1Malaysia indeed!!!!

Please remember also that BTN has been operating for a very very long time, since Mamakutty's time, and definitely during Sleepyhead Bodohwi's time, and now under Najis it is still very alive and active.

BTN should be another reason why UMNO/BN has to go. We don't want racism to be an official policy of Malaysia.

I think after the local 'road show' Pakatan should continue on to turning it into an international road show.

Got it?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Minister says English at work 'weird'

Deputy Education Minister Mohd Puad Zarkashi has said that speaking English in the workplace is "weird" and harmful to the nation's culture and identity.

Now guys, thats the deputy education minister for you.. Lets hear your comments... Please be polite ok... :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dr M: Anwar right choice to bankrupt S'gor

Ayoyo Tun.. apa dah jadi ni...

Kalau tak silap saya..orang Turki minta dia ( Anwar) jadi ahli dalam Panel Penasihat Ekonomi mereka. Begitu jugak dengan UAE. Kalau Anwar ni bebal and bangang seperti yang didakwamoleh Tun, kenapa mereka minta Anwar jadi penasihat.

Tun pulak sekarang, dah jadi penasihat ekonomi kepada berapa buah negara? Aii say man.. kalau nak kutuk pun..tengok tengok lah dulu.. kalau nak sepak baldi yang ada "taik" jangan lah sepak kat arah kipas yang memusing laju..terkena balik semua najis tu keatas Tun jugak..

Mari kita tengok pencapaian Tun semasa jadi PM Malaysia... well I guess what you have said about Anwar..fits you better. Lets look at the things below :

1) Awarding privatisation contracts at hugely inflated prices

2) Bailing out MAS by paying higher than market value for its shares

3) Using Petronas to bail out your son

4) The loss-making Paya Indah Wetlands/Sepang projects

5) The loss-making Putrajaya development

6) The loss-making Cyberjaya/MCS development

7) The huge Bank Negara forex trading losses (which you conveniently called 'paper losses')

8) Bailing out Proton and passing the mess back to the taxpayers

Are all the above, act of a man who knew economics?

I've only just mentioned the financial side. What about the ‘raid' you made on the judiciary? What about the use of ISA/OSA? What about corruption?Do you know how much of potential FDI we lost over the years because of the non-financial aspects of your dictatorship? Aiyo, Dr M, don't ‘pusing-pusing' la...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

2012..A preview...

I just came back from watching this movie and it is hot. Real hot.

Aaaaaahhhh..let me wipe my sweat first... This is not easy.. Have you heard the story of Noah's Ark? Well i guess you had. Take that and add another few more arks, put in them the richest and influential people in it. Its all top secret untill a father found out that the world is coming to an end and how he and his family gets to the top secret ark is the story.

"We're all gonna die!"

In 2012, the mother of all disaster movies, this be-all, end-all of clich├ęs – best when shrieked at the top of one's lungs – must be uttered to make the experience complete. And, on that, we're not disappointed.
Nor is the epic nature of the cataclysm left wanting as the mayhem is dialed up to massive proportions in this end-of-days extravaganza. Believe me Emerich had my jaw dropping several time.Thou i really dislike the exhaust pipes of the arks. ( Check it out ok..)

The movie is an undeniable visual spectacle, but just as unequivocally a cheesy, ridiculous story.

Computer-generated scenes of the world falling apart are both impressive and awstriking. We see such iconic images as the Washington Monument toppling, Rio de Janeiro's Christ the Redeemer statue taking a dive, and St. Peter's Basilica crumbling. The Himalayas take a hit from a jet, and Los Angeles' freeways collapse faster than you can say gridlock.

The global obliteration is associated with the end and restarting of the Maya calendar and widespread solar flares. While a few characters throw around jargon, the science is murky. But science is hardly the point.

At the heart of the story is Jackson Curtis (John Cusack), a failed novelist, father of two and ex-husband of Kate (Amanda Peet). He must band together with them and his wife's new beau (Tom McCarthy) for a harrowing plane ride from Los Angeles to Yellowstone, where he consults Charlie (Woody Harrelson), a conspiracy crackpot. Charlie has a map of where the government has hidden "spaceships" for such an eventuality. Meanwhile, scientist Adrian Helmsley (Chiwetel Ejiofor) warns U.S. President Wilson (Danny Glover) that it's the end of the world.

At best, 2012 is preposterous fun, with boggling special effects. Unintentional humor is a highlight, often spoken by characters who are not just paper-thin, they're emaciated.

Director Roland Emmerich (The Day After Tomorrow) is said to have spent $260 million on this array of catastrophic images. But the story is beside the point, and the protracted ending is anti-climactic.

But if you're looking for earthquakes that outpace the Richter scale, tsunamis that swallow land masses and smoke that obliterates national parks, this is that movie.
It's a global demolition derby. And, at more than 2 1/2 hours if you are just looking for pure entertainment..this is the movie of the year.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Education Ministry Screwing up 1 Malaysia Concept ( big time)

Hi guys and gals, im back after a long long break.. three months to be exact... You know when many things occure before we could write about it. something even more funnier will happen.

Now,when was the last time you saw, a Barisan Nasialan (opps.. i mean Nasional) Boss screwing up another Barisan Boss... And the Best part is Najib is the one who get screwed up this time.

You know how our "Cherry Lip Man" (sorry! you are wrong. He is not related to cicak man) came burst into the scene with his 1 Malaysia slogan and songs. Yap Im talking about Najib. He screams One Malaysia till his ball boils in his pants but his deputy is doing just the opposite to make sure that people really feel that they are not a part of Malaysia.

Im refering to the 2010 School calender where the mid semester holidays are starting in the second week and not in the first week as usuall. This affectively pour cold water on Gawai and Harvest festivals and on the notion that Sarawakians and Sabahans are also a mainstream component of a country called Malaysia.

Lets look at it this way. There are thousands of families cant go back to their native states ( Air Asia and MAS will be more than happy to let know the exact number) and many had already booked their tickets . East Malaysian ( as sometimes they are refered to) teachers are also in a limbo over this new arrangement.

How this can screw up Barisan Nasional ? This Muhidin Yassin ministry just succesfully gave out unlimited ammunition to the opposition in states. Now they are smiling for the favour done by Muhidin Yassin and probably build him a monument.

Come on guys (Barisan Nasional leaders) its a public secret that you guys are not so intelligent but dont go around showing it like this. What the ministry had in its mind when they shifted the semester holidays..? NUTs????

The most appropriate thing to do now is damage control which you guys seems to bundle in and out shamelessly. So try this.. "Sebenar nya tiada masalah dalam struktur percutian . Ia adalah kesilapan juru taip dan ia nya akan di perbetulkan." And the people will believe and forget that you guys screwed up.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jangan Tunjuk Gah...

This was written by A Alwi and appeared in Malaysiakini

I refer to the alarming surge in Influenza A(H1N1) deaths in the country. It is time for the government to consider declaring it a national health emergency.

All attention and resources should be geared towards stopping this deadly pathogen from spreading further.Politicians from both sides of the divide should immediately drop all their antics and join forces with the authorities to safeguard the population from falling victims to this deadly bug.

Only a national health emergency declaration will jolt people to the seriousness of the situation.The recent World Health Organisation (WHO) forecast that hundreds may die from A(H1N1) infection in the country is indeed frightening.

The number of deaths reported daily the last couple of days appears to substantiate the WHO forecast.The Ministry of Health is doing its best, but it is not enough for a situation of this nature. It must to advise the government to declare a national health emergency.

Time is of essence here. Do we need to have one hundred people dead before we declare a national health emergency?

Nak tunngu apa lagi...walaupun ada desakan dari pelbagai pihak untuk menutup sekolah lebih awal dari cuti yang telah di tetapkan, tapi pihak kementerian pendidikan, masih lagi berdegil tidak mahu dengar.

Hujung tahun terdapat cuti 12 belas minggu, bawa je lah seminggu ke cuti bulan Ogos ni..So dengan cara itu.."hari belajar" tidak terjejas.. Kalau dulu mereka boleh buat perkara sama untuk berhari raya, kenapa tidak boleh untuk perkara yang sebegini serious.

Jika ada pelajar sekolah yang meninggal kerana dijangkiti HINI dari sekolah, maka Menteri Pelajaran dan Kementerian harus di pertanggung jawabkan..

May be we should hang them for deliberately causing death.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Other Side Of The Story

Many were baffled by the out come of Manik Urai by election result. Read the article below for alternative views.
The other side of the story by Wandering Troubadour is taken from

Armchair warriors who wrote comments on the Manik Urai by-election sitting comfortably from their study rooms based on information that they skimmed through the Internet at best hit the outer ring of the target if not missing hitting the board at all! It is interesting to note that many did simply just that -- write from afar basing their opinions on those who make a living on writing news.
I was there smack in the middle of the war, espionages and counter-strikes. And BN has never been dirtier.

The amount of money that changed hands with voters was simply unbelievably high that almost every household can have a one-month holiday to savour their fortune. Only the Almighty knows the extent of their guilt and no mortal soul can claim that what they did was immoral, as nobody knows who voted for whom, at least for most of us that is.

It is amazing what money can buy. Maybe RM50 per voter did not work anymore but RM500 hooked even the very hearts that loathe corruption. They reason in their heads that it was a gift and hence free from any sin whatsoever associated with it. It was a meagre sum to the haves but a windfall to the haves-not. For a household with three voters, they took home a month’s equivalent of a wage.

But in a climate of distrust alternative plans were laid in abundance. Coming from multiple sources, voters were spoilt for bounties. Some walked away with three sets of gifts each giving a person’s take-home present of RM1,500. All one had to do was to wait for the go-between to approach him or her. It was a case of supply outstripping demand.

Keeping people (read voters) at poverty level and on the brink of starvation almost always pays in the end. They can easily be bought. After all it is not often such a by-election comes their way. Opportunity comes-a-knocking, it is a gift from above.

RM500 per voter was at most RM5Million. Considering three sources each armed with RM10Million, a total of RM30Million were spent with RM15Million going directly to voters and the rest as usual fall off the gravy trains into the hands of local warlords.

The majority of the people were veiled by beauty of dough and sweet smell of the ringgit and simply cast aside wafer thin belief in favour of worldly reward. Greed and selfishness are traits of human beings that will inevitably surface when income is scarce and food is hard to come by. BN knows this very well since their very existence and struggle is about nothing but money.

Analysts are coming out with a host of reasons for PAS’s dismal performance or BN’s success in gaining more territories. Some attributed BN’s “success” to Najib’s 11 points reward to people for allowing him to remain up to 100 days in power and also his “contributions” to economic excitement. I want to simply say “Bollocks”. This is what the BN think-tank would like us the public to believe. But if they themselves believe the spin as well, it spells disaster for them comes the 13th general election. We wait patiently for that day to arrive!

PAS and PR as a whole must not buy the argument that BN is gaining ground as a whole. However, the opposition cannot simply brush it aside either. BN has the “Money” part or access to it with little effort. But in the long run, tycoons’ and “taipans’” patience are running thin and coffers are running dry. If the economy that is very much in need of tending were left to roam in the wilderness, come the 13th GE, BN rats will scuttle to hide in their holes.

The best part of this whole episode is that BN still lost despite all these brilliant manoeuvrings. Chinese people say luck is not on BN’s side. The British may call it lady luck chooses an opposing side. But Muslims say that it is an intervention from above, divine and oft-punishing.

BN simply cannot afford to continue this method in a general election or even a state election. Perak will prove to be a situation best kept as it is. By not seeking a fresh mandate BN can sit pretty at least for a little while until the 13th general election. It will bring little harm but it will not remove the bigger problem of impending defeat. A defeat it will be, albeit a delayed one.

BN desperately needs a reversal of fortunes. It is, however, proven to be very elusive. When BN refuses to accept that their way is the wrong way, their struggle is not a genuine struggle, and that the people can no longer be hoodwinked, what choice do they have but to go back to the old drawing board. Again they have to lay another plan. They plan and Allah also plans; and He is the Best of Planner!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Language-switch policy scrapped

Language switching is a very interesting topic apart from switching parties. When Mahathir first mooted the idea of teaching Maths and science in English, all the ball cariers (including suckers) jumped from trees to say it is the most brilliant idea that mankind ever thought of. Nothing can come in handier than this to change the sorry state of our grads..

At that time, the opponents of the policy are considered anti progressive. So every adun, member of parliament and their maids as well jumped in to a frenzy celebration of new language policy.

The same group now says. things that the opponents said few years ago..only that the nation is few billion ringgit poorer now due to that language switching. The lost of the nation is someones gain.. Dont ask me who?

Put that a side. Some say we can produce better grads by teaching science and maths in English. It seems they will have better command. Aiiya..people, you jokers never understand one thing, you must take in deserving undergrad to get quality grad out put. You plant cacti and expect for durians..mana boleh? Many of the deserving people are left on the streets and you take in the second and third stringers who are not suppose to be there in the first place.

Do you think this second stringers going to be world renowned scientist Or do you expect them to present papers in the gallery of intellectuals. the letter below to witness what have our education standard has come to.. So be it English or Malay, if you gonna take in only the non deserving ones.. its not going to make any difference except politically.

As a teacher, i personally think we should switch but only after we fully trained the teachers to handle the subject competently.


Dear Sport Friends,

Regarding about the global issue H1N1 happens around the world, sadly to be informing that our UiTM International Sports Fiesta will be postponing to 19-23 November 2009.

For all teams which have been confirm to participate in our events, we have to say sorry for this announcements and our Ministry of Higher Education and Ministry of Health also advise to us to change the date for this current situation.

By the date have been confirm incoming this November hopefully your teams still can participate in our event and don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

And again, we would like to say sorry about the date change for the sake of our health among us.

See you in this November at UiTM Malaysia!!

Mr. Mustaza Ahmad
Sports Centre
Universiti Teknologi MARA

Thats the director of sports centre for you. I have tears in my eyes now.. No not that im sad, i just laughed like hell.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen... a preview

Its was early October 2008 when i first heard that there's gonna be a sequel to the most astonishing movie i have ever seen, "The Transformers" .(Read my preview on that). From that day on I was diligently searching in the net for images and stories about this sequel. So when the moment finally came to watch the movie, one can understand the spasmic excitement that i was going through.

Ok.. forget about the melodrama intro above and get cracking. How was the movie..? Ohhh I wish they never made this sequel..( I wanted to love this movie as much as you guys want to) but there was a dejavu feeling all round. In the first one ..the sheer magic of CGI and the histronic ability of Michael Bay, turned the whole thing into a memorable affair. But this new product.. gives nothing new. No.. not that we expect megatron and optimus prime run around a tree and sing songs like Hindi movies, it never go any where from the previous attempt.

After a while you get a feeling the actions are strecthed from the older movie and that the robots are not a convincing addition. its just like a new porch to an old house. The faulty aircond and the hot action beside me, by a young couple (how could they; in a warm cinema hall) didn't help the situation either.

After the movie ended, i walked to my car with my head hanging low, wondering what went wrong with the movie. i cant say it for definite..but something was not really right with. Watch for yourself..and tell me if I am correct.

In the last film, the Bot-Con battle was over "the cube," a metallic and encryption-based thing (excuse the technical jargon) called the All Spark that held great power and pixilated from big to small in some very cool ways. This time, the thing at the center of the conflict is "the matrix," which could lead you to think some of the hard edges of Cybertron's fighting forces might morph into smooth silvery sinews, but no such luck.

If anything, Bay, never one to bother with nuance, has packed even more wing nuts and wheels, rods and bolts, pressure plates and pilot bearings into these visually complex beings. Despite the millions it must take to construct them (even in CGI), they still have a junkyard, found-object look that has long entranced boys, filling toy boxes and Hasbro's bank accounts for years.

Though Sam's trying desperately to fade into the background of the college scene, it isn't really working out. There's that new blond Alice (Isabel Lucas) who's got him in her sights, the ominous warning from Optimus Prime in that deep, really convincing synthesized voice of his, that little mess of an unexplained "toxic spill" in Saigon that opens the movie and the massive metal carcass that's been dredged up from a thousand leagues under the sea. As is his lot in life, Sam is needed, the one person on Earth who can possibly beat the Decepticons to the matrix.

"Revenge" is strictly a man's world, really, a boom, boom, bang, bang fever dream of special effects. Yet in all this macho mayhem, it is LaBeouf's young Sam, slight of frame, sensitive and smart, who makes it all work.

Although there are female Autobots and Decepticons in the Transformer universe, they are rare and none make it into the movie, which is too bad because "Revenge" could sure use a woman's touch. The only significant female presence comes from Sam's slightly crazy mom (Julie White) and Fox, who despite wearing white skinny jeans as she stumbles across the desert and jumps through any number of crumbling buildings, manages to stay remarkably clean except for that fetching smudge on her cheek.

Machines and their machinations are clearly where the director's affections lie, leaving the emotional side of "Revenge" to flatline again and again. Still, the film, written by Ehren Kruger, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, is filled with enough of the familiar to likely satisfy many "Transformer" fans. John Turturro as the now disgraced Sector 7 agent is passing his days working in the family deli and gathering data on the Decepticons in his survivalist-style basement, and Josh Duhamel's Capt. Lennox is still heading his Special Forces troops. We've got big, bad Megatron in cahoots with the towering fearsomeness of the 10-story Devastator. Meanwhile, try as he might, Optimus Prime just can't keep things civil. Neither can Bay.

"Revenge" is in-your-face, ear-splitting and unrelenting. It's easy to walk away feeling like you've spent 2 1/2 hours in the mad, wild hydraulic embrace of a car compactor -- exhilarating or excruciating, depending on your point of view.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian ..a review

When was the last time you went to a museum.. you know the place where they keep "yesterday" for "tomorrow" to see. I bet on my shrunked butt that it was when you were still in primary school..(ohh..those innocent wide eyed children ?) And if you think much would have changed since then; dont worry atleast where National Museum is concerned "it is a museum piece of frozen antique itself"

Can someone who is close to the museum boys, tell them that a museum doesn't have to look like a haunted house which had been evacuavated by the devil himself. My niece and nephews almost fainted out of boredom when i took them there..and the youngest one threaten to jump out of a moving car if I ever mention the place.. again

Ohhh.. about the movie...
I dont like this movie.. Talking about bad sequels..nope Im not talking about Rosmah Mansor's sequel ( for those uninformed : Najib is Rosmah's second husband, so he is a sequel of some sort.)..ok i digress..

I loved the first one, I don't understand why directors follow up with a sequel of a great film with such mediocrity. I suppose they already have an audience hooked and intrigued so they think they dont have to try harder the second time around.

You know what. watching this movie reminds me of our Perak fiasco. The muzium ( Assembly House) is divided and on one side all the bad guys,(you know who they are as they likened themselves to Mandela and Gandhi) and the oppressed good guys are on the other side.

I felt like most of the characters were over acting and worst of all the jokes felt so predictable, obvious and forced. Punch line after punch line kept rolling and literally nobody in the theatre was laughing. (Now doesn't that wee bit too familiar).
I know the first one was great but don't waste your hard earned money on this one.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Police raid on DAP Hqrs as if DAP is a terrorist organization

(This was taken from Lim Kit Siang's Blog)

The Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak should apologise for what five previous Prime Ministers had not done in the 43 year history of the DAP – police raid on DAP Hqrs as if the DAP is a terrorist organization like Al Maunah.

Why has Najib, who had committed himself to an open and democratic premiership only seven weeks ago, allowed the police to go on a rampage to the extent of doing things which the previous five Prime Ministers had not allowed the police to do for 43 years – a police raid on DAP Hqrs as if the DAP is a terrorist organization like Al Maunah.

The question many are asking is whether with Najib as Prime Minister and Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein as Home Minister, the cousins are taking the country quickly down the slippery slope of a police state, where the rule of law and human rights are trampled upon indiscriminately without any compunction.
My take : Police should not be overzealous in handling things like this. I hope they use their resources, time and talent to hunt down snatch thieves and mat rempits.. instead catching people for holding candles and wearing certain colours.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Am Not Power Crazy...

"I am not power crazy " says the all powerful man.. I'm not going to mention any names here..but all of you will have a good idea,who is it after reading the rebutal piece from Rashid which appeared in Malaysia Today.

He says he is not power crazy but this is what he does for power

1. Kills a pregnant woman in the most gruesome manner in order to reach Putrajaya

2. Invents the most calumnious claims against his political opponents (DSAI's sodomy)

3. Abducts elected legislators (Perak PKR duo) using state institution (The special branch)

4. Muzzles the media over his shenanigans and unending crimes and shameful career.

5. Bribes elected leaders with millions stolen from public coffers

6. Destroys state institutions in order to retain power

7. Destroys the nation's fabric for petty ends and momentary survival

8. Destroys the Malay Royalty as he misuses it for partisan ends

9. Refuses to face the people he purports to lead (Have you ever seen such a coward?)

10. Detains poor people wearing their own choice of clothes. (fear, fear of fear)

11. Lies through his teeth and pretends that the people are as stupid as his cronies

12. The most hated political figure in the nation is how he is rewarded for being "less power crazy". Don't you like it?

13. Destroys Perak's economy to face save and run from Perakians. But he is not power crazy. Moron!

14. Appoints Lingam appointed judges to facilitate his evil, yet he claims to have less craze for power. Shame on you ......

15. Stifles the media and denies them permission on reporting on nationa matters. He thinks he owns the nation. Not power crazy?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mixed reactions to BN pullout

BN pulled out of Penanti by election and that had reflected badly on Najib's ability to stand up for a good fight. Our wise and learned Prime Minister should state that by election of this nature is a waste of public fund. Why?

If one can remember this name "Dato Haji Abu Hassan" then he/she will be able to recall what the powerful BN did in Kuala Selangor to make him as the menteri besar of Selangor.

Yes, they asked him to resign his MP post and another adun had to do the same so that by election can held to make him as menteri besar..

Hmmm..well wasn't that was wasting money..and that did not happen 500 years ago for us to forget...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Victory Celebration

Its such a wonderful feeling.. when Manchester United was proclaimed as the English Premier League champions.. Sorry Liver fool, Ass anal, and Chel sial supporters.. We are gonna have a loooooooooooong celebration.. It feels sooooooooooooooo good..
Hope you guys have better luck next time... And me..with the kind of company that i am in.. well what can I say..he..he..

Pic : The MU gang n I were celebrating the victory..

Saturday, May 16, 2009

We Are The Champion

This is the greatest team in the world...! Any complain?
Manchester United won the Premier League for the third straight season Saturday after a 0-0 tie with Arsenal.
United needed a point to clinch a record-equaling 18th title. The draw at Old Trafford put the championship out of reach for second-place Liverpool, which is seven points behind with two games left.
“Thankfully, we got the job done today,” striker Wayne Rooney said. “The last few years have been unbelievable.”
United has won 11 Premier League titles in the last 17 seasons under manager Alex Ferguson and is tied with Liverpool with 18 on the list of English league champions.
“I never thought we could get 11 titles—never in a million years,” Ferguson said.
After a lackluster game, the final whistle set off a massive celebration. The team was presented with the Premier League trophy on the field, with the players hugging and spraying champagne.
Ferguson has 25 major trophies since he arrived at the club in 1986 and hopes to make it 26 when United faces Barcelona in the Champions League final May 27 in Rome.
“It makes you want to go on forever,” said the 67-year-old Scot, who has no plans to retire anytime soon.
The trophy was carried onto the field by four soldiers who returned from a four-month tour of duty in Afghanistan. As the medals were presented and fireworks exploded, the rain that had lashed the field all game cleared and Old Trafford was bathed in sunshine.
Ryan Giggs has been part of United’s team for each of its 11 Premier League triumphs masterminded by Ferguson since the 1992-3 season.
“It’s been a special time at the club since the manager took over and we’ve managed to win so much,” Giggs said. “Hopefully we can carry on.”
The title is the eighth for 34-year-old defender Gary Neville.
“I think it’s a fantastic achievement,” said Neville, adding that Liverpool’s challenge helped focus the champions. “They pushed us really hard this season. Next season, we’ve got our work cut out to go and do it again.”
Powered this season by goals from Cristiano Ronaldo and top performances from strikers Rooney and Carlos Tevez, United also had a rock-solid defense. Goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar set a British record by going 1,311 minutes without conceding a goal.
United withstood a shaky stretch in April, losing 4-1 at home to Liverpool and 2-0 at Fulham. Then came a winning streak that pushed the club ahead of rival Liverpool.
(Source :Yahoo Sports)

Friday, May 15, 2009

M'sia hit with first A(H1N1) flu case

The Health Ministry has confirmed Malaysia's first case of A(H1N1) infection - previously known as swine flu - in a student who had just returned from the United States

This is the extract from the official statement ;"Kementerian ingin memaklumkan mengenai satu kes yang dimasukkan ke Hospital Sungai Buloh dan telah disahkanpositif influenza A (H1N1) melalui ujian makmal yang dilakukanpada 15 Mei 2009," kata Ketua Pengarah Kesihatan, Tan Sri Dr Mohd Ismail Merican.

Speaker vs Speaker - Round 2

The Perak political crisis has now shifted to a court battle over the legislative assembly speaker's chair, with ousted Perak state assembly speaker V Sivakumar, is seeking two court injunctions against his replacement.

Aiiya...this is getting worst than Tamil movies..

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dating Tips: 5 Easy Ways to Make Men Smile

I got this from yahoo, written by dating blogger Ryan Dodge for Glamour. But actually, its not all that difficult to make this species called man; smile. You know it and i know it and any man and his dog can write on this.. ( my comments are in brackets)

#1: Touch His Arm
There are a lot of ways to subtly let a guy know you're into him, like maintaining eye contact, playing with your hair, and smiling a lot. But the only one that sends shivers down my spine is when a girl touches my arm during conversation. It always surprises me, and it's always great.( Well i wish they touch my ...... and put a big great satanic smile on my face. Hey guys be sure you fellas are with me on this one)

#2: Send Him a Random Text Message in Midday.
OK, this might not be free depending on your cell phone plan, but it's still a great value. Nothing breaks the monotony of a long workday like a flirty note from someone special, and unless his job is super-intense he'll have plenty of time to daydream about you. ( You must be kidding, flirty sms..? when you keep getting it from several different sources..its absolute luck that one don't get mixed up.. and have a great war )

#3: Ask Him a Question About Something He Knows a Lot About
Dating news flash: Guys like to show off for you. So if your dude could use an ego boost, there's nothing like letting him feel like an expert. Ask him about fishing, the 1983 Chicago White Sox, or the mating habits of the Guyanese Bullfinches -- whatever he's into. Just remember to nod frequently and look really interested. ( Hey dude, animal mating..? gross..We guys are more interested in our own mating habits and skills..Lets discover that..and put a great demonic smile on man)

#4: Give Him a Very Specific Compliment
Telling a guy he's funny, handsome, or smart is always appreciated, but the really
meaningful compliments are the ones that reveal how well you know him.
meaningful compliments are the ones that reveal how well you know him. Something like "I love the way your face scrunches up when you're doing the crossword puzzle" or "You have the most manly calves I've ever seen."( Holy cow. you must be from a planet that USS Enterprise just went, we all know what a guy likes to hear right.. its definitely not "face scrunches up"..but..something else moving in that direction..he..he..)

#5: Send Him the Diary Entry You Wrote After Your First Date -- or Write One Now
One of the best things about having a girlfriend is reminiscing about what you thought about each other in the beginning of your relationship. Reliving all of the uncertainty and anxiety is strangely exhilarating. I can't think of a better anniversary present than a sanctioned peek into the documented thoughts of someone I care about. ( You gonna get me killed..dude. First will be "jerk" written all over and you want her to show me.. May thats what she should do if she wants to end the relationship..ha..ha..)

Bonus Tip:
Give him a free pass to go out with his friends alone. Better still ,you tell him that you would not mind if he goes out with his female friends.... (This is the only one that i agree with you..with a smile bigger than the devil himself...)

My take..: You wanna make your man pay for your own shopping rendezvous..and buy for him something as well.. he..he..

Monday, May 11, 2009


This new edition is an operetic rediscovery of the formula that made the original Star Trek such a success. Only better, faster, smarter, and even more entertaining than the original.

You already know most of the plot: Kirk and Spock save the Federation from an uncompromising villain, with the help of Uhuru, Scotty, and Bones. This time around, the characters are better acted and better directed than in prior series or movies.
Eric Bana plays the villain Nero (lovely historical reference!) -- though he is given the thinnest psychological excuse for his mayhem. Bana has had some great roles in the past, but is given little room to show off his talent here. No matter, the "Federation" team more than makes up for Nero's limited character development.

What you don't know is how Kirk, Spock, and the gang get to be on the Enterprise. In this version, the time/space continuum is skewered, requiring a whole new "history" to be created. This plot device allows a far more interesting storyline to develop.

The effects are out of this world -- excuse the pun. The combat in space scenes are superb. I believe superior to any prior Star Trek or even any Star Wars production. Michael Bay who is directing Transformers 2 got to beat this milestone achieved by Star Trek.

My criticism is minor. I could go for a less "Hollywood" soundtrack (why is there ochestral accompanyment in space??), although there were several great sequences when the sound (appropriately) went dead as the scene went into space. And the scenes with Leaonard Nimoy as "old" Spock were plodding moments in the film. Give the guy a double espresso and reshoot!

All in all, a wild roller-coaster ride from start to finish which is wonderful escapist entertainment. It's a heroic fight between good and evil, carried out on a galactic scale. And since it's the movies, we do know who wins.

The best scene :

watch out for the little James Kirk jumping out of his car. and coolly ask the police officer if he is in trouble...he reminds me of James Dean.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Malaysia, The Centre Of Universe

When one listens to our leaders , he or she can be forgiven for assuming that Malaysia is the centre of this universe. Read this article by Jonathan Kent which appeared in Malaysiakini.

I refer to the Malaysiakini report There's a plot to topple PM: Rais.

Though I hold Foreign Affairs Minister Rais Yatim in considerable esteem, I feel bound to disabuse him of the notion that there is an international media conspiracy to topple the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

I must point out the sad but unavoidable fact that almost nobody in the international media gives a fig for Malaysia.

Having reported for more than five years on the country, I know from bitter experience that it was a constant battle to interest any editor in the place.

The idea that they have either the time or the interest to plot anything other than a beach holiday in Malaysia is, I am afraid, misguided.

There is a market for funny Malaysian animal stories - so photos of a python dying after eating too many goats will find a market along with a couple of lines of copy.

Important Malaysians who should know better saying silly things also gets attention and a few laughs.

However, as far as everyday news about Malaysia is concerned I am afraid that the only real foreign market is Singapore - and Singaporeans are only interested because very little that could be called newsworthy happens in Singapore.

If Najib is attracting unwanted international media attention it is probably because it is really rather unusual for a head of government to find himself linked to the brutal murder of an attractive young woman or to huge and questionable commission payments for the purchase of armaments.

In the absence of hard facts, the story there is in large measure not so much Najib's guilt or innocence, something which few international journalists feel qualified to judge, but the fact that so many Malaysians seem to be disposed to believe the heinous allegations leveled at their prime minister.

That, in turn, is in no small part a reflection of the fact that there is now no institution in Malaysia sufficiently independent, impartial and respected to authoritatively clear Najib's name.

That is a tragedy both for Najib and for Malaysia

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pardon me sir....

Hey guys, do I have to tell Who is this..?

Many had asked me, why i have been quiet for some time.. Well, it is very dificult to write when one is laughing and rolling on the floor..with tears of insane humour enveloping the eyes.. .."So many tangles in life are ultimately hopeless that we have no appropriate sword other than laughter" thats what Gordon W. Allport said.

I was hysterically in laughter..imagining our beloved Datuk Seri Najib, taking over from Sleeping beauty Badawi.. Then when the actuall take over came..I burst into a avalanche of laughing fits... May be good old Najib farted nitrous oxide. According to wikipedia, laughter indicates merriment, satisfaction or derision and they should include that some people may laugh when there is a prospect of extreme heartbreak... or agony.

And to make matter worst.. Our much hyped (Thank you TV3 and RTM: this world will never see a better butt polishers than these) Mr PM had to come out with something so.. funny. "One Malaysia"! Unless if you think that we still harbour the "divide" feeling of East Malaysia or West Malaysia.. you are singing the wrong lyrics for the wrong song again.

Or is it, you mispronounced the word. I guess he has dropped the letter "g". It should have been "gone" Malaysia, indicating "habis lah Malaysia"
..or is it "z"one, indicating Malaysia to become corruption zone, or is it "t"one Malaysia, which means they will use all the goverment agency to control and tone the people of Malaysia.

Pardon me sir, how dare you talk about One Malaysia when your party and its media arm, shamelessly ride on racial agendas. Your intelligence unit either misled you by telling that 90 % population of Malaysia are Blind and Deaf or simply stupid. Pardon me again, sir, the only stupid thing around now is ..a party which did not learn anything from the March 08 defeat or the consecutive by election defeats. You know which party it is, as you are leading it now.

Sir how can we attain one Malaysia when there is this coloum : race, in every application form handed out by the goverment. Why the "oneness" that you propagate, is not observed. Or is it, just a catchy motto for you to shout.

If that is the can shout, you can scream or you can even sing... but dont take the rakyat for fools. As we know when you have your ways..its "d"one Malaysia.. as there wont be traces of justice in anything.. and you will strip it down to "b"one Malaysia where nothing will be left and then the country will end up "L"one Malaysia in the list of hopeless nation. Pardon me sir.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Police force has improved, claims Suhakam

The Malaysian Police was on par with its counterpart from around the world untill it started to be loyal to politicians only instead of the people.

Imagine they closed all the roads leading to the Parliament House just to prevent Anuar and his supporters from being there.. Is this what they meant by improvement..

People go to police station and suddenly change their sworn affidavit and dissappear after that ,without a trace.. (P.I. Bala).. is this what they call improvement..

The crime rate has gone up by leaps and bound... is this what they call improvement... or the report below taken from Malaysiakini... shows how much the PDRM has improved..

"The reactions of the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) to the Jerit cycling campaign are not only disproportionate but unprofessional and malicious. The IGP, Deputy IGP, state police chief district OCPDs seem to have mobilised the entire national police force to try to stop a small group of cyclists from reaching Parliament to hand over a memorandum on issues of concern to all Malaysians such as fair wages, combating rising prices, affordable housing and greater government accountability. "

Are they fighting crime or partner in crime?

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