Monday, October 22, 2012

Khir Toyo..grounded.

Khir Toyo was finally humbled when he has to apologize to Ronnie Liu.

Khir made the open apology in court by reading out a prepared statement in English and then Bahasa Malaysia.

Khir said he hereby apologises to the Pandamaran assemblyperson and state exco member following an article titled 'Khir membongkarkan lapuran polis Liu Tian Khiew pernah bercampur tangan dalam urusan menghapuskan kegiatan pelacuran (Khir divulges a police report, that Liu had intervened in a vice eradication matter)'.

"In the article, I had implied that Liu (centre in photo) had obstructed the officers of the Subang Jaya Municipal Council and the police in closing down a hotel in Puchong which I insinuated was a centre for prostitution activities.

"I apologise to Liu for further insinuating that he was involved in such activities, which is totally untrue. I deeply regret for causing Liu severe distress as a result of the publication of the said article and hereby retract all statements made against him and apologise unconditionally," said Khir.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tun Mahathir lupa beliaulah yang membersihkan nama George Soros

RAKYAT Malaysia tidak akan kenal dengan George Soros jika tidak dikenalkan oleh bekas Perdana Menteri Malaysia, Tun Mahathir. Tun Mahathir orang yang mempopularkan George Soros di negara ini.

Rakyat Malaysia mulai mengenal George Soros sejak Tun Mahathir menghentam spekulator matawang kaya raya itu dan menuduhnya sebagai punca kejatuhan matawang dan ekonomi Malaysia pada tahun 1997.

Tun Mahathir menggelarkan George Soros sebagai penyangak matawang. Beliau mahu rakyat Malaysia percaya bahawa kejatuhan ekonomi Malaysia pada tahun 1997 adalah kerana penyangak matawang ini meskipun Perdana Menteri Malaysia pada waktu itu adalah dirinya sendiri.

Tun Mahathir mahu rakyat percaya bahawa George Soros menjahanamkan ekonomi Malaysia walaupun segala kuasa, keputusan dan lain-lain di dalam menentukan hala tuju ekonomi negara terletak di dalam tangan beliau pada waktu itu.

Cuba periksa di internet, tulis saja "Mahathir dan George Soros" di Google maka berlambak-lambak gambar Tun Mahathir bermesra bersama orang yang digelarkannya sebagai penyangak matawang itu boleh ditemui.

Setelah hampir 10 tahun Tun Mahathir menghentam dan meletakkan punca kejatuhan ekonomi Malaysia 1997 di atas bahu George Soros, pada tahun 2006, beliau jugalah orang yang membersihkan nama penyangak matawang itu.

Pada 16 Disember 2006, The Star melaporkan Tun Mahathir telah berjumpa dengan George Soros dan membuat kesimpulan bahawa spekulator matawang itu tidak boleh dipersalahkan di atas kejatuhan ekonomi Malaysia kerana dia tidak melakukannya.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Najib's biggest gaffe..

Most of my Muslim friends had a great laugh on this. According to them..the question  is the most basic principles of Islam and how can Najib could not answer such simple thing even after given a clue.
And one was quick to point out that this is what UMNO is all about. All noise and no substance. They ( UMNO) calim they wanna defend the religion and race  but their leader doesn't even know the fundemental things about Islam .

How much damage this video will do. or how the Cybertrooper lunatics going to defend this gaffe is yet to seen., meanwhile Cyber jihadis on the Pakatan side will have a ball of a time over this.

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