Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dating Tips: 5 Easy Ways to Make Men Smile

I got this from yahoo, written by dating blogger Ryan Dodge for Glamour. But actually, its not all that difficult to make this species called man; smile. You know it and i know it and any man and his dog can write on this.. ( my comments are in brackets)

#1: Touch His Arm
There are a lot of ways to subtly let a guy know you're into him, like maintaining eye contact, playing with your hair, and smiling a lot. But the only one that sends shivers down my spine is when a girl touches my arm during conversation. It always surprises me, and it's always great.( Well i wish they touch my ...... and put a big great satanic smile on my face. Hey guys be sure you fellas are with me on this one)

#2: Send Him a Random Text Message in Midday.
OK, this might not be free depending on your cell phone plan, but it's still a great value. Nothing breaks the monotony of a long workday like a flirty note from someone special, and unless his job is super-intense he'll have plenty of time to daydream about you. ( You must be kidding, flirty sms..? when you keep getting it from several different sources..its absolute luck that one don't get mixed up.. and have a great war )

#3: Ask Him a Question About Something He Knows a Lot About
Dating news flash: Guys like to show off for you. So if your dude could use an ego boost, there's nothing like letting him feel like an expert. Ask him about fishing, the 1983 Chicago White Sox, or the mating habits of the Guyanese Bullfinches -- whatever he's into. Just remember to nod frequently and look really interested. ( Hey dude, animal mating..? gross..We guys are more interested in our own mating habits and skills..Lets discover that..and put a great demonic smile on man)

#4: Give Him a Very Specific Compliment
Telling a guy he's funny, handsome, or smart is always appreciated, but the really
meaningful compliments are the ones that reveal how well you know him.
meaningful compliments are the ones that reveal how well you know him. Something like "I love the way your face scrunches up when you're doing the crossword puzzle" or "You have the most manly calves I've ever seen."( Holy cow. you must be from a planet that USS Enterprise just went, we all know what a guy likes to hear right.. its definitely not "face scrunches up"..but..something else moving in that direction..he..he..)

#5: Send Him the Diary Entry You Wrote After Your First Date -- or Write One Now
One of the best things about having a girlfriend is reminiscing about what you thought about each other in the beginning of your relationship. Reliving all of the uncertainty and anxiety is strangely exhilarating. I can't think of a better anniversary present than a sanctioned peek into the documented thoughts of someone I care about. ( You gonna get me killed..dude. First will be "jerk" written all over and you want her to show me.. May thats what she should do if she wants to end the relationship..ha..ha..)

Bonus Tip:
Give him a free pass to go out with his friends alone. Better still ,you tell him that you would not mind if he goes out with his female friends.... (This is the only one that i agree with you..with a smile bigger than the devil himself...)

My take..: You wanna make your man pay for your own shopping rendezvous..and buy for him something as well.. he..he..


Anonymous said...

Hello..atuk..apa ni..? jahat..ha..ha..

Anonymous said...

Sir..he..he.. ohh orang lelaki cam tu yaa..?


Anonymous said...

Grandpa, I like your take. And i agree with you that men are so much less complex creature than women..and its easy to see and say what we need and what we want.


Anonymous said...

Listen ladies..dont bother us with trivial matters..and we are more than happy. Sifu what say you...?

Anonymous said...

Suka gambar tu.. Ladies..this old man is right..

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