Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Am Not Power Crazy...

"I am not power crazy " says the all powerful man.. I'm not going to mention any names here..but all of you will have a good idea,who is it after reading the rebutal piece from Rashid which appeared in Malaysia Today.

He says he is not power crazy but this is what he does for power

1. Kills a pregnant woman in the most gruesome manner in order to reach Putrajaya

2. Invents the most calumnious claims against his political opponents (DSAI's sodomy)

3. Abducts elected legislators (Perak PKR duo) using state institution (The special branch)

4. Muzzles the media over his shenanigans and unending crimes and shameful career.

5. Bribes elected leaders with millions stolen from public coffers

6. Destroys state institutions in order to retain power

7. Destroys the nation's fabric for petty ends and momentary survival

8. Destroys the Malay Royalty as he misuses it for partisan ends

9. Refuses to face the people he purports to lead (Have you ever seen such a coward?)

10. Detains poor people wearing their own choice of clothes. (fear, fear of fear)

11. Lies through his teeth and pretends that the people are as stupid as his cronies

12. The most hated political figure in the nation is how he is rewarded for being "less power crazy". Don't you like it?

13. Destroys Perak's economy to face save and run from Perakians. But he is not power crazy. Moron!

14. Appoints Lingam appointed judges to facilitate his evil, yet he claims to have less craze for power. Shame on you ......

15. Stifles the media and denies them permission on reporting on nationa matters. He thinks he owns the nation. Not power crazy?


Anonymous said...

hahemm saya tau siapa dia..he..he..


gloria said... easy to guess pap.. the pic is the biggest clue..

albert said...

najis rosak..he..he..

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