Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pembatalan Pindaan kepada Penggal Persekolahan 2010

This post should have been titled "The Land Of the "U" Turns". Well if you had thought that the era of you turns had gone with Tun Badawi, sorry mate..its here to stay. Its even getting better and faster. Adeiii thambi "more e dean" (so many "e's no wonder very bad dean) apa sudah jadi?

First they make a wrong turn.. by missing the Gawai and Keamatan Festival by one week.. After that they made a great "U" turn and sent out circulars to all the schools in Malaysia stating that the Education Ministry is honouring the request from Sabah and Sarawak community .

How I was overjoyed by that delightful stroke of genius. But wait,,hardly after 3 weeks of reprive came a circus of circular. They made another fantastic "U" turn. (Even our sleeping beauty Mr. U turn Pak Lah would have been impressed). And this time no reason were given for going into that wrong turn again. ( I guess sudah tak respect masyarakat Sabah dan Sarawak lagi kot)...

One wrong turn followed by two "U" turns means you are back in the wrong place isn't it. Now who is going to tell this to the (No) Education Ministry.

Note : Google the title to view the circulars.

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