Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Permatang Pauh Celebrates..

(Taken fron Anilnetto)

A jubilant mood all over Permatang Pauh.

The poor are proud that Anwar has made it. Pak Din, a farmer said, “Biarlah Anwar tak beri saya apa-apa. Saya kesihan kat depa. Teruk sangat orang kutuk kat depa. Saya sekeluarga undi depa.”

I talked to an Indian man in his late 30s, introducing himself as Rama. He declared in Malay, “Dia orang mau kasi malu sama itu Anwar Brahim. TV kasi malu. Video kasi malu. Cakap orang besar pun mau kasi malu sama dia. Apa ini politik ka? Itu pasal saya kasi undi sama Anwar. Dia orang baik. Mau tolong sama kita.”

I met a Chinese who introduced himself as Uncle Leong. His immediate reaction to Anwar’s victory was, “Kita semua sudah kata, ini Anwar mesti menang punya. Olang BN manyak kacau. Tadak malu lo. Apa ini cakap-cakap bikin ini macam.

Anwar bukan olang macam itu lo. Dia manyak baik. Ini BN tak boleh kasi menang. Kita mesti mau itu Anwar jadi perdana menteri. Dia manyak pandai punya orang. Ini budak apa itu cakap itu macam. Dia tada maluka. Dia punya ayah pun tada maluka? Kasi malu itu orang Melayu.”

Yes, with all the machinery BN had – the TV, the newsprint, the money, the swearing, prominent spokesmen including top government officials to counter Anwar – they still lost. The people want a change.

BN’s 51 years at the helm, they feel is enough. People are now united as Malaysians. They are no more talking about racial matters. It’s the oneness they want now.
Said a foreigner from Australia at this vicinity, “It’s Anwar against the whole government machinery and yet Anwar won with a comfortable majority.

Anwar is charismatic, intelligent and is one of the best leaders Malaysia has. Next to Mahathir is Anwar. Only Anwar can bring Malaysia to the forefront in the next decade like what Mahathir did. Malaysians should give him the chance to lead the country. It would be a lost to the country if this man is suppressed for whatever reason.”

Anwar Shakes The Ground

(Taken From Malaysiakini)
9.50pm: Official EC tally - Anwar Ibrahim got 31,195 votes, Arif Shah Omar Shah, 15,524, Hanafi Hamat, 92. Anwar won with a majority of 15,671.

Anwar's wife, Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, won the seat with a 13,398 majority at the March 8 general election.The official voter turnout was 81.01 percent. There were 58,459 registered voters. The final voter turnout figure was much higher than what the EC had stated earlier today.

There were 447 spoilt votes and 98 unreturned ballot papers.

The turnout today is slightly higher than March 8.

Meanwhile, outside the main counting centre Tuanku Bainun Teaching Institute, thousands of jubilant PKR supporters had gathered to embrace their leader's return to Parliament.PKR vice-president Azmin Ali was there to address the crowd numbering some 10,000. Other party leaders like R Sivarasa and Tian Chua were also there.
Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang and PAS' Husam Musa were also there.Anwar also addressed the ecstatic group of supporters, thanking voters for their support.

"I thank God who has been with me through this gruelling election process. I thank the voters," Anwar said as he arrived at the counting centre where some 10,000 supporters were holding a wild celebration.
"The message is clear... we have made a demand for change, for freedom and for justice," he said. "The people do not want to be exploited. We want an economic order that protects all the people."

Hundreds of riot police stood guard and a helicopter hovered overhead as the crowd gathered on a field outside the building, chanting "Putrajaya! Putrajaya!" - the name of the administrative capital and the seat of government."This is a clear indication that people of all races have rejected the communal politics of Barisan Nasional. It is a clear endorsement of our reform agenda. We are on track to take over the government," said Anwar.

Tian said that the overwhelming victory showed that "the prime minister's racial politics is bankrupt".
The EC made the official announcement at 10.05pm. Only Anwar and Hanafi were present at the announcement. Also present was Wan Azizah.

Hanafi, who was gracious in his embarrassing defeat, said he was not disheartened by the lack of votes for him as he has succeeded in his aims to promote his little known party. He lost his deposit with the low votes he garnered.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Protesters stop Bar's 'conversion' forum

The online newsportal , reported that more than 300 protesters mostly from Muslim NGO's showed their displeasure at the Conversion To Islam forum as they feel it is a platform for Islam Bashing.

Now who is really bashing the image of Islam, the Bar Council or the protesters. Please don't give the world a message that potrays Islam as intolerant.

Interestingly the forum was moderated by Zarizana Abd Aziz among the speakers are Syariah Lawyer Mohd Hanif Katrif Abdulah representing FT Religous Council...

Just can't understand what is all the fuss when the objective of the forum is to high light and study the problems that arise from a conversion and seek suitable remedy for it. Wouldn't it do more good to Islam, if Muslims can allow discussions to chart a "peaceful" and "non agrresion" path towards conversion. Why oppose it? No wonder only 300 people took part and the rest didn't. May be most of my muslim brothers and sisters believe in muzakarah and muqabalah in determining this sort of matters..

To Rule Out (tro) or not..

The good doctor had made his stand in his SD. I am not learned in this arena... but from the simple English I know, I comprehend that "to rule out" can either be "yet" or "had". Reading the subsequent literary production on the doctors part cast shadows on "yet" and fortify "had" as he goes on to compund the "strands" in the above piece of document. The question that bogs me is "if there was any "forceful" or "pleasurely" penetration, wouldn't that been evident to the trained medical eyes of the doctor... aiiyaaa.. apek..still (more than ever) feel that fella Saiful making up stories maaa..

Friday, August 1, 2008

This is taken from Malaysiatoday. Thank you YM RPK

Hospital Pusrawi made an attempt through a press statement to negate its own medical report that shows no sodomy on Saiful (Anwar’s aide). However, its repeatedly contradictory and evasive answers to probing questions from reporters during the press conference clearly revealed that the hospital was merely putting up a show to hide the truth.

In the press conference on July 30, the hospital’s general manager Wan Mahmood Wan Yaacob (accompanied by the hospital’s medical director Kamaruddin Ahmad) denied the Saiful medical report related to sodomy, considered the examining doctor as unqualified to examine for sodomy, and even cast doubt on the authenticity of the Saiful report that is in wide circulation. He made all these assertions despite overwhelming evidences to the contrary.

However, under unrelenting questioning, Wan Mahmood admitted that the report in circulation “looks the same, contents are the same” as the original report. Then why did the hospital go into the redundant measure of setting up a three-men committee to probe into the authenticity of the circulating report - which bears all the hallmarks of typical Barisan Nasional tactic to delay and prevent the truth from emerging?

Dr. Mohamed Osman Abdul Hamid who examined Saiful Bukhari Azlan at 2.00 pm on June 28 clearly stated in his report on Saiful that the patient had no bleeding, tear or scar in the rectal/anal area and that he appeared “alert, comfortable, not pale”. Under the heading “diagnosis”, Dr. Osman wrote: TRO Assault (Sodomy) (TRO stands for ‘to rule out’). It means Dr. Osman ruled out sodomy. Under the heading “rawatan” (treatment), Dr. Osman wrote: Advise to go to the government hospital (plan to do police report). It means that the doctor asked Saiful to go to a government hospital for a check-up as required by law, since he was going to make a police report.

This medical report, though brief, is a true record that Dr. Osman had examined Saiful and found no physical evidence of sodomy. Such a report could preclude subsequent medical finding to the contrary, considering that, four hours after Dr. Osman’s examination, Saiful visited Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) where he made a police report and subjected himself to another medical examination, the contents of which are now being zealously guarded by the police.

With regards to Dr. Osman’s competence, both Wan Mahmood and Kamaruddin said they “had no doubt on Mohamed’s credibility as a doctor” and further commented, “He was a good doctor”. With such an appraisal, it is puzzling how Dr. Osman, who is 56 years old and has twenty years of medical experience, could be considered as unfit to carry out a simple examination on a sodomy assault. In fact, Dr. Osman’s report is not only relevant in the court of law, it is also invaluable to the police engaged in their preliminary investigation on the veracity of this sodomy allegation.

Now, any first year law student will tell you, "innocent untill proven guilty ( beyond reasonable doubt)". At this juncture; be it fourth year medical students or old ah peks like me can't help but smell fish about the way police, and AG team behaving. What is their nature of work exactly? To prove someone guilty at any cost or to secure the truth at any lenght no matter what came in their way. If truth is what they are looking then they should be more balanced in their approach. They should have avoided balaclavas, special briefing by the home ministry to foreign diplomats or the Boria of ministers asking for Annuar's DNA. Why they didn't do the same to Rosmah bini Najib.

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