Monday, April 26, 2010

Did The Ground Shift in Hulu Selangor or...

Its going to take sometime to wipe the smile out of BN's face. Oh come on. Its a hard fought victory and who would not revel in it. After all the hard (cash) work, after all the media blitz , after all the Bumi to langit promisses and never to forget the ugutan that folowed the promisses... aiiyaa they deserve to win. Let them maaa.... Let them smile all they want.

So the chieftain concluded.."They ground had shifted...." huhhhh.. This is a cause for concern. My dear Dato Seri Najib, please allow me to disagree with you. I know you said it in a spur of moment..but if you look back at it.. the ground remained solid after the 2008 GE.

No matter how you define it..( a win still is win ) but the ground did not shift at all. Now you may be drunk with all the euphoria but let the dust settle first and look through a clearer mind. Then you will realize that you have nincompoops for election advisors.

The only time the ground shifted, it was in 2008 election when PKR won with a razor thin majority of 198. It was 14 483 in 2004 in favour of BN. Now the question is..where are those people now. If the equation has shifted the way you imagine it.. your majority should not be anything less than 14 000 votes.
And i really pity you. You are so jubilant by the victory even your penis can play flute but the sad truth are no where near the pre 2004 strength. Worst still its the pakatan team which had the ground shifted right under your feet.
Sir, do you realize how easy it is to win back the hearts minds of the sulking voters. You don't have to spend millions to engage expensive image designers.. you don't have to hire shrewed think tank and strategist. All you have to do is.. think for your self. Ask yourself why everyone loves a hero in a movie. It doesn't matter what socio level the people are from, they will love a hero of a movie. Why?
Because he is a good man ( or woman) A true hero is someone who is always play by the rule, a person who respects his opponent and give him a fair chance to fight, How many times we have seen the hero allowed the villains to pick up the sword from the ground before continuing the fight.

These fair play quality will win many hearts and mind. Unless if you are really sure that you can't win in straight fight and had to resort to all the evil ways.. then you will forever be the villain.

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