Thursday, April 28, 2011



Korang nak PDF Handsad Parliment-krisis perlembagaan 1993 - Kenyataan President PERKASA datok Paduka Brahim Ali yg maha perkasa tu... Jilit II, Bil 67, 18 January 1993.

Dalam kenyataan tersebut Brahim Ali menyatakan yang beliau sanggup berperang dgn Raja2 melayu dan keris Taming Sari tetap terhunus di tangannya...
Aku tulis sedikit petikan kata2 celupar beliau terhadap DYMM Agung..

" Ampun Tuangku, Keris ditangan ini keris Taming Sari, Kami datang tidak dijemput pergi kami tidak perlu disuruh. Kami datang menuntut janji, janji diikat antara Lemang Lebar Daun dan Sang Purba..Kami bercakap bukan bahasa Tuah setia membuta.."

" Keris di tangan ini Keris Taming Sari, Keris bersepuh besi Kursani, Semangatnya meresap jiwa rakyat menjadi berani. Ingat Tuanku Bila Taming Sari Menuntut Janji, 7 Purnama angin Terhenti, 7 keturunan akan bermimpi."

Kemuncak penderhakaan Brahim Ali yg mengugut DYMM Agung :

" waspadalah tuanku, Jebat menikam dengan Taming Sari, Taming Sari yang berlanggir darah satu warna, Bagaimana pula kalau Taming Sari ku ini menuntut Darah KELAINAN WARNA. Taming Sari ditangan inilah yang akan menentukan segala.."

Hebat Pak Berahim ikut telunjuk Mahatir.. Masa Pak Brahim mengucapkan Taming Sarinya menuntut KELAINAN WARNA ( Darah Raja2 Melayu )..

Mahatir membangunkan dirinya sedikit dan menunjukkan sokongan dan tanda " Good " dengan kedua2 tangannya...

Wahai UMNGOK yg teramat-amat BONGOK inilah adalah Fakta sebenar jangan korang buat pekak babi pulak.

Itulah dia Pak Braim President PERKASA yang hebat bersandiwara semata2 demi kepentingan Politiknya.. Sifat yang sama seperti Patih Karma Wijaya pada Zaman Melaka dahulu.

Patutnya ahli2 PERKASA yang semuanya belum Mumaiyiz tu kena Laungkan Kalimat.

" Hidup PERKASA.. Hidup Patih Karma Wijaya."

Nak Dengar jugak komen UMNGOK dalam isu penderhakaan UMNO terhadap Raja2 Melayu dalam krisis perlembagaan 1993..

Apakah UMNO tidak durhaka ketika itu.. atau pun mungkin bagi BARUAH2 UMNO Darjat dan Martabat UMNO lebih tinggi dari Raja2 Melayu maka UMNO tidak dikira Durhaka.. justeru tu sampai sekarang ni tiada sebarang komen dari Ibnursysi tentang penderhakaan UMNO terhadap Raja2 melayu pada semasa krisis perlembagaan 1993..

Kalau benarlah BARUAH2 UMNGOK ihlas ingin mempertahankan Raja2 melayu sudah tentuLAH PENCACAI2 UMNGOK dan blog yg seangkatan dgn nya.
akan menyebarluaskan fakta2 melalui PDF parlimen, ucapan2 jijik pemimpin2 UMNO terhadap raja2 melayu serta keratan2 Akhbar semasa krisis perlembagaan 1993..

Apakah bagi UMNO lebih berdaulat dari Raja2 Melayu.. dan sesiapa yg menetang UMNO dikira Durhaka termasuklah Raja2 melayu itu sendiri...

Ingatlah.. Penghinaan UMNO terhadap Raja2 melayu akan tetap terpahat sebagai sejarah jijik bangsa melayu UMNO sampai ke anak cucu.. Bangkai gajah tidak boleh ditutup..

* Aku tiada sebarang kepentingan Politik.. aku menyatakan yang haq..
Aku dilahir dari rahim ibuku bukan untuk menghina sunah Rasulullah, mempersenda2kan Hukum Allah serta melakukan Syirik terhadap Allah ( Menyembah sesama Makhluk )..

Ikhlas dari :

Teuku Zacharyah Bin Teuku Nyak Khairy Iskandar..

Friday, April 15, 2011

No Matter Who Wins; Rakyat Are The True Winners

This has been the most exciting week so far this year. It doesnt matter who wins, the most important thing is the people has been empowered. Due to the strong opposition presence, YB's who were so arrogant before were made to beg like crazy. Gone are the days where they come, they see and they give rm 20. Now they plead like they are hanging from the last knot of the rope. They beg as if their life is depending on it. Now they realize that they have to work for the salary they are getting and they have to do more than mere lip service.

Today. Victory will be claimed by the party that garnered the most votes, but the true winners are the rakyat of Sarawak as there never has been such a political awakening before. The people have raised the benchmark of politics and there is no turning back. Be it BN or Pakatan, from now on they have to serve the people, they have to please the people and they have to respect the people, or else the people will teach them a cruel lesson the next time around.

To all the candidates, politicians, NGOs , Bloggers and activists who made this election such a meaningful one, you have put up one bloody good fight. And there is one more thing to do..keep your eyes open for any irregularities.

Astala Vista.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Part 3 : Sarawak , can be it saved?

Now for the most important and delicate matter of getting the rural votes. Not to belittle the urban votes, but the rural votes are the one which actually will decide; two third or not. To start with, these are the BN friendly areas, and to make inroad is not easy. You should never ever barge into a long house and start selling your agenda.

To win their votes, you need to win their minds, to win their minds you need to win their heart, to win their heart you should be in it. The village people are the friendliest lot, they are warm, hospitable but do not offend them in any way by being arrogant or ignorant.

Anyone who aspire to become a YB in rural areas, get their party to endorse so that one can make the long journey into the heart of rural folks. Meet them every 4 months the minimum, just drop by to see if they are ok. Get some fund from party..its after all 4 months once.. and don't go empty handed.. Get something for the folks and kids.. Sit with them, eat with them and listen to their animated conversation while slowly sipping the drinks.

Dont ever try to potray that you know more, speak if it is really necessary and they love good humorous exchanges without insulting anyone. Many old people dont get to see their children often if they are working else where..but the aspiring YB's can drop by and show that they too care.

If there is a village function or death, just attend. A regularly seen face is a welcome face. If the aspiring YB's can meet them every four months in a year and 16 times in four years.. you will become their favourite son yang tak sombong. What ever you sincere and let it be seen in your behaviour.

Once they start liking you, pleading for vote will be easier. Always remember that the people are the most precious thing and you should serve them with integrity. Start now and may be BN can be given a run for its money in the next election.

For now, only their children can make the difference by returning home and making close door persuasion. Please return and change their heart and that will be the biggest service you have done to the land of your birth.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Part 2 : Sarawak can it be saved ?

Its interesting to see some reaction to my earlier posting.. which was hijacked conveniently.

One thing is very evident, the mental state of some people, where they just wanna join in to shout without even knowing what are they shouting about is empirically sketched in their words. Its a classic act of Taibs loyal "chiens". ha..ha.. They say its an insult to mention that Sarawak is the second poorest state in the nation. Thats the world bank's finding for 2011. They should be angry with the states administration for dragging Sarawak to this level..instead these few Taib's "cane" lash out at whistle blowers. So now we know who are the traitors of their own people.

My friends and I, not bothered if these Taib's loyal "perros" are angry or not. We don't care what traitors say. We only care for the "peoples right". They have the right to demand and not beg. They have the right to live a dignified life just like others.

First..when i read thru the comments, it clearly show that they didn't even understand what it meant and worst what is actually being discussed there. This could partly because of our education system that churns out students and graduates with limited proficiency in English or worst with little ability to grasp, process, understand, evaluate and justify rationally.

If they want to jump sky high and scream till shit drops out of their stink hole, i understand.. as in Malay they say "siapa yang makan cili..dia yang terasa pedas". That article , just like other "Rakyat Bloggers" article meant to safe guard the interest of people. It is meant to tell the people that they have a place in the development that is by passing them.

But if some Taib loyalist 'cobaka" want to hijack that article and say..Sarawakians being insulted, then there are no greater fools and traitors than these miserable nincompoops. Now this is the actuall insult : Taibs loyal "qens", Go ahead and lick Taib's balls all you want and you can even lick his ass.. but dont expect whole of Sarawak to do the same. Let the people live with dignity , self respect and honour.

For the people of Sarawak, the election may go either way.. but the most important thing is you let the politician work for you, and the bright and brave young people out there.. enlighten the rural folks of what is actually happening. Once they have both side of the will be a good informed decision.

It doesn't matter who wins.. but people must be allowed to hear both side of the argument. When people are able to make decision without being threaten, blackmailed or even intimidated..thats true victory and thats what democracy is all out about..until then; God save Sarawak.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sarawak..can it be saved?

Before I start, let me tell you that I love the people of Sarawak (Ibans and all other dayaks included)very much as they are the most wonderful and amazing people that one will ever meet. So it hurts so much that these nice people were taken for a ride by the powers to be and they don't even realisethat.

Sarawak, can it be saved?The answer is an overwhelming 'NO". Not in 50 years the People of Sarawak will have a comfortable and prosperous life like their peninsular counterparts. Why..? Well.. there are many educated Sarawakians who wake up to call of cleansing their state by eradicating cronysm and misgovernance which resulted in Sarawak being the 2nd poorest state in Malaysia. But there are also equal amount of young ones..who think that its ok for the Government to steal and cheat big time.

Why we have people, ( some of them are University graduates ) who are not really bothered about the people of Sarawak as the whole is still a mystery . Are they so blind that they can't see a thing..or are they blindly loyal that they don't care what happens to the state..

For some of long as they are able to enjoy beers in airconditoned pub. thats prosperity and peace. Do they know that even the remotest public toilet in Peninsular Malaysia has running water but half an hour from Seri Aman or Betong the people of long houses are collecting rain water to drink . Electric? Thats a distance dream.

Some even say..that so far the opposition had not done anything? How stupid that can be? For the past 48 years..the people had selected the " present" goverment over and over, election after election..and with that, giving them all the goverment machineries including salary to serve them. So why blame the opposition for not helping.. as they have no control of any of the government agencies or the billions of fund that the state get.

And the saddest part is..these so called educated people keep telling that only BN can help as they are the ones who built the roads..ohh.. for God's Sake isn't that why they are selected in the first place. To serve. To work to dedicate their life to the people who elected them. So why say they "Help". Only God helps us because he owns you and I and he can choose to help or not. Politician are our servant..they must work..and after 48 years..this is the result we have, "The second poorest state IN the entire God damn country". In any other country they would have been sacked or sent home packing.

Yet here in Sarawak , some still think only BN can save them. God Bless Sarawak.

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