Friday, April 15, 2011

No Matter Who Wins; Rakyat Are The True Winners

This has been the most exciting week so far this year. It doesnt matter who wins, the most important thing is the people has been empowered. Due to the strong opposition presence, YB's who were so arrogant before were made to beg like crazy. Gone are the days where they come, they see and they give rm 20. Now they plead like they are hanging from the last knot of the rope. They beg as if their life is depending on it. Now they realize that they have to work for the salary they are getting and they have to do more than mere lip service.

Today. Victory will be claimed by the party that garnered the most votes, but the true winners are the rakyat of Sarawak as there never has been such a political awakening before. The people have raised the benchmark of politics and there is no turning back. Be it BN or Pakatan, from now on they have to serve the people, they have to please the people and they have to respect the people, or else the people will teach them a cruel lesson the next time around.

To all the candidates, politicians, NGOs , Bloggers and activists who made this election such a meaningful one, you have put up one bloody good fight. And there is one more thing to do..keep your eyes open for any irregularities.

Astala Vista.


Suraukini said...

Sir, make up la sikit blog sir .....heheheh, letak follower, hit counter, chat box baru gempak, tentang masalah copy and paste tu saya rasa ada software yg tak diinstall dalam laptop.

maybe lorrrr


rafz said...

winners always loss,but someday they will win...

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