Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Part 2 : Sarawak can it be saved ?

Its interesting to see some reaction to my earlier posting.. which was hijacked conveniently.

One thing is very evident, the mental state of some people, where they just wanna join in to shout without even knowing what are they shouting about is empirically sketched in their words. Its a classic act of Taibs loyal "chiens". ha..ha.. They say its an insult to mention that Sarawak is the second poorest state in the nation. Thats the world bank's finding for 2011. They should be angry with the states administration for dragging Sarawak to this level..instead these few Taib's "cane" lash out at whistle blowers. So now we know who are the traitors of their own people.

My friends and I, not bothered if these Taib's loyal "perros" are angry or not. We don't care what traitors say. We only care for the "peoples right". They have the right to demand and not beg. They have the right to live a dignified life just like others.

First..when i read thru the comments, it clearly show that they didn't even understand what it meant and worst what is actually being discussed there. This could partly because of our education system that churns out students and graduates with limited proficiency in English or worst with little ability to grasp, process, understand, evaluate and justify rationally.

If they want to jump sky high and scream till shit drops out of their stink hole, i understand.. as in Malay they say "siapa yang makan cili..dia yang terasa pedas". That article , just like other "Rakyat Bloggers" article meant to safe guard the interest of people. It is meant to tell the people that they have a place in the development that is by passing them.

But if some Taib loyalist 'cobaka" want to hijack that article and say..Sarawakians being insulted, then there are no greater fools and traitors than these miserable nincompoops. Now this is the actuall insult : Taibs loyal "qens", Go ahead and lick Taib's balls all you want and you can even lick his ass.. but dont expect whole of Sarawak to do the same. Let the people live with dignity , self respect and honour.

For the people of Sarawak, the election may go either way.. but the most important thing is you let the politician work for you, and the bright and brave young people out there.. enlighten the rural folks of what is actually happening. Once they have both side of the will be a good informed decision.

It doesn't matter who wins.. but people must be allowed to hear both side of the argument. When people are able to make decision without being threaten, blackmailed or even intimidated..thats true victory and thats what democracy is all out about..until then; God save Sarawak.

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