Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Part 3 : Sarawak , can be it saved?

Now for the most important and delicate matter of getting the rural votes. Not to belittle the urban votes, but the rural votes are the one which actually will decide; two third or not. To start with, these are the BN friendly areas, and to make inroad is not easy. You should never ever barge into a long house and start selling your agenda.

To win their votes, you need to win their minds, to win their minds you need to win their heart, to win their heart you should be in it. The village people are the friendliest lot, they are warm, hospitable but do not offend them in any way by being arrogant or ignorant.

Anyone who aspire to become a YB in rural areas, get their party to endorse so that one can make the long journey into the heart of rural folks. Meet them every 4 months the minimum, just drop by to see if they are ok. Get some fund from party..its after all 4 months once.. and don't go empty handed.. Get something for the folks and kids.. Sit with them, eat with them and listen to their animated conversation while slowly sipping the drinks.

Dont ever try to potray that you know more, speak if it is really necessary and they love good humorous exchanges without insulting anyone. Many old people dont get to see their children often if they are working else where..but the aspiring YB's can drop by and show that they too care.

If there is a village function or death, just attend. A regularly seen face is a welcome face. If the aspiring YB's can meet them every four months in a year and 16 times in four years.. you will become their favourite son yang tak sombong. What ever you sincere and let it be seen in your behaviour.

Once they start liking you, pleading for vote will be easier. Always remember that the people are the most precious thing and you should serve them with integrity. Start now and may be BN can be given a run for its money in the next election.

For now, only their children can make the difference by returning home and making close door persuasion. Please return and change their heart and that will be the biggest service you have done to the land of your birth.

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