Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Brand New Ball Game

Waaaa..gua tarak lama tengok itu bolasepak..maa tapi ini ada satu baru punya "bola" tak tau siapa punya bola tapi ini bola lagi mannnyak laju wooo. Itu bola nombor satu ini macam mari :
'Samy Vellu ordered temple demolition' . Lepas itu bola nombor dua ini macam mari Samy says it's Khir's fault.

Really good at kicking the ball of fault to others. "Hey lubang keldais (literal translation needed) don't you guys have the balls to stand by your deeds and beg apologies for any wrong doings". You guys are worst than shit eating pigs. Ok. I admit Im wrong. The pigs are much more cuter

Ball Kissed - 2

Aiiya..will someone go to Khir Toyo and tell him.. : speak the "TRUTH".( Better use a loud hailer as he is pura pura pekak badak now) As contradicting news as this Auditor: Balkis never submitted accounts comes trickling in; the next thing Khir gonna tell us is "actually we already changed the auditors firm" . (ini lawak biawak lah) he..he.. how convinient that will be? Is there any dignity left in them? A man with pride by now would have brought the accounts and showed to the public how every sen was spent prudently.

Just words. hot empty useless words with no substance and that is not going to convince the rakyat. In fact we (the rakyat) strongly believe there is a can full of worms.. and this is only the trailer..the full movie is coming soon.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ball Kissed !!!

Ayooo.. Whatta title man. One fren ask me, What is this drama over Balkis? I told him its about house wife becomes "haus"(thirsty) wife. He..hee.. dont get this old man wrong. No sexual thing maaa... but how this wives of public servants become queens majlis perbandaran where they sapu bersih evrything they can. Read here The Balkis Saga..

Aiiya..Zaharah Kechik i got one problem meeeii. That kechik in your name is refering to your father or its saying about the size of your brain. Or is it telling us of ur self respect and dignity. You could have scored a major PR point if you had not "taken" the money. Tell me how you all got the money. Did anyone give the money because you are Zahrah Kechik or because you are the wife of the Selangor MB. If the answer is second one, than you have a moral obligation to return it to the people of Selangor.

If you try to use every single loop hole in the system to justify your actions, then the people of Selangor truly had their balls kisssed. With what you had done you look more like a wicked stepmother rather than a good hearted wife of noble (reads: no ball) man. (Sorry Khir..cant help it maa)

Tak elok sekat rezeki orang lain aspecially anak yatim.. lu takda belajar kah.
Waaahhh.. have you all heard wolf crying for blood? tada kah? Well listen to this: Khairy - Saman Malaysiakini dan Cik Gu Bard . Foyo.. They (kuli kuli Khairy) jump sky high and rattle their tongue as if their entire life is sticking to it. They must be specially hired for it. Or else how are we going to explain about these nincompoops writing about "truth" .

Suddenly they had been transformed into moral guardians who despise inaccurate reporting and champion the truth, Nothing but the truth. Having goosebump guys. wish you fellows appeared on the radar when all the Main stream media(MSM) "reported" (read: lied) that Penang Chief Minister Lim Eng Guan uttered about MAy 13 in his speach. Where were you guys.(ok..ok..I know...busy carrying balls) None of this Khairy stooges said a word about it and the MSM never even had the decency to apologize except for a letter of apology from Bernama sent silently.

If Lim Guan Eng is not worth an apology, then Khairy don't even deserve it. Khairy ball carriers "LISTEN" : whats goes around comes around. What the media closely linked to Khairy did to people like Anuar Ibrahim and Guan Eng, is coming back to haunt you. Maybe thats the God's way of teaching Khairy a humble lesson. Instead of screaming for blood, his followers should thank Malaysiakini for the blunder which is a blessing in disguise for their master to repent and feel the agony of bad press.

By the way; why Khairy took such a long time to react to this partucular incident? He himself was not sure, is it?

Friday, April 25, 2008

Happy Happy Mp

Ah.. so confusing.. or is it "Con" fused or "con"pushed..or whatdeber.. I refer to I'm Sorry but This Stinks... by Marina Mahathir. The lady in the karaoke drama tries to "con"vince or is it "con" wink all of us that the her regular patrons, the likes of honourable ex minister (MP now) are old hands at being rough and it is acceptable.

Aiiya...lady, you are not the only one; we are also really "con pee used" now. First you are sober enough on "who", "what", "when", "where" and not to miss out "how". At a time when all the women Lib activist standing on table and singing praises for your conscience, suddenly you turn aloun and "con the science" of logic. Fuyo..wa caya sama lu

Now the honourable MP must be laughing like a baboon that had bananas for breakfast. Ok..ok..But its like magic. One day you value your dignity and self respect higher than Mount Everest the next day..its not even taller than the fallen TNB Lamp post.... And you tell the whole world that the "rough ways" is part and parcel of your patrons. What your patrons are: bloody Barbarians "who release their tension"( rearrange : fcuk) on a squating rhinoceros.

But the most important question that play in my mind is : "Why the sudden U turn? What had transpired after you went to the police station. This old man only can guess . But thats what make life interesting meeeh. Lets play guessing guessing.

Could it be like this :

"You withdraw your report or we will charge you for sodomy" What? Woman? Sodomy? Aaaiya.. just tell the world that she used a rotating vibrator to sodomize Abraham Lincoln and bring a tilam buruk to prove it maa. And all the Malaysian Press will loud it on the headlines like this: "Truth Uncovered. Abe Was Sodomized To Death A Day Before Yesterday."

Or is it like this :

"You withdraw the case or we will strip you naked and distribute the video all over the world" aiiya that one old trick maa. Not going to work lah

Or is it like this :

"You withdraw or we 'C4' you". ayoyo.. that one case pun belum selesai lagi and one more c4 blast will be too much. no good idea

Or is it like this :

"You withdraw the case.. and I will give you this cheque..." Haa this one sounds better maa.

So now you know how the story ends..... What a "lubang Keldai"

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