Friday, February 19, 2010

No Penetration but still got case maaaa?

Aiiyooo this Anuar feller punya isu make my kepla pusing maaa. Now i know why the government is scared of Anuar.

Why not? He is the only person in this entire universe who can "kongkek buntut" (fuck the butt : sorry for the language) without even penetrating it. So Najib must be so scared that its his anal is the next one going to be Anuar's "Kongkek Ghaib" victim.

Anuar, please take my friendly advise, retire from politics and open up schools for the aspiring anal fuckers. As they need your know how of fucking ones buntut without even putting the dick inside.. atleast this is what the courts belief you can do.

Reading this case of yours makes me to throw out.. Why the prosecutors are so eager and blindly bulldozing with this case is beyond me. I am just an ordinary man..but even i can sense the "rush" they are creating in which the courts are also playing its share.

By the manner which they are moving.. its better for Annuar to just ask for the prison keys and let himself in. Save all the trouble lah brader...

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