Friday, November 27, 2009

Let truth be told: the truth behind BTN

What is all the fuss about?

(Below is a letter taken from Malaysia today. Thank you Penagboi)

My close friend who is a teacher in a kebangsaan school had first hand experience at such a BTN brainwashing session. She and a host of teachers were all sent to a campus where they had to listen to lectures given by BTN officials.

And the contents of the lectures were all about how the Malays must always considered as more superior than other races because they other non-Malays are pendatangs. The non-Malays are in Malaysia due to the largesse of the Malays.

She likened the lecture-style and delivery very much to the way imams carry out their sermons during Friday prayers. Lots of shouting and angst. The whole experience was so repulsive that some of the Malay cikgus had to leave the lecture hall, and some even broke down and cried after listening to the pure propagandas.

I have always highlighted this Hitler-style brainwashing. There are very strong parallels between Hitler's championing of the Aryan race vs the others, and UMNO's championing of the Malay race vs non-Malays.
But when I start telling this to friends and relatives they all found it too far-fetched to believe.

So, I am very glad that MT and RPK in particular, are focusing on this very despicable policy of UMNO/BN. The very fact that BTN is under the PM's department is proof that such racist indoctrination is a very important policy of UMNO/BN.

It is again one of the many proofs of what a liar the government is when they say one thing and does another. 1Malaysia indeed!!!!

Please remember also that BTN has been operating for a very very long time, since Mamakutty's time, and definitely during Sleepyhead Bodohwi's time, and now under Najis it is still very alive and active.

BTN should be another reason why UMNO/BN has to go. We don't want racism to be an official policy of Malaysia.

I think after the local 'road show' Pakatan should continue on to turning it into an international road show.

Got it?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Minister says English at work 'weird'

Deputy Education Minister Mohd Puad Zarkashi has said that speaking English in the workplace is "weird" and harmful to the nation's culture and identity.

Now guys, thats the deputy education minister for you.. Lets hear your comments... Please be polite ok... :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dr M: Anwar right choice to bankrupt S'gor

Ayoyo Tun.. apa dah jadi ni...

Kalau tak silap saya..orang Turki minta dia ( Anwar) jadi ahli dalam Panel Penasihat Ekonomi mereka. Begitu jugak dengan UAE. Kalau Anwar ni bebal and bangang seperti yang didakwamoleh Tun, kenapa mereka minta Anwar jadi penasihat.

Tun pulak sekarang, dah jadi penasihat ekonomi kepada berapa buah negara? Aii say man.. kalau nak kutuk pun..tengok tengok lah dulu.. kalau nak sepak baldi yang ada "taik" jangan lah sepak kat arah kipas yang memusing laju..terkena balik semua najis tu keatas Tun jugak..

Mari kita tengok pencapaian Tun semasa jadi PM Malaysia... well I guess what you have said about Anwar..fits you better. Lets look at the things below :

1) Awarding privatisation contracts at hugely inflated prices

2) Bailing out MAS by paying higher than market value for its shares

3) Using Petronas to bail out your son

4) The loss-making Paya Indah Wetlands/Sepang projects

5) The loss-making Putrajaya development

6) The loss-making Cyberjaya/MCS development

7) The huge Bank Negara forex trading losses (which you conveniently called 'paper losses')

8) Bailing out Proton and passing the mess back to the taxpayers

Are all the above, act of a man who knew economics?

I've only just mentioned the financial side. What about the ‘raid' you made on the judiciary? What about the use of ISA/OSA? What about corruption?Do you know how much of potential FDI we lost over the years because of the non-financial aspects of your dictatorship? Aiyo, Dr M, don't ‘pusing-pusing' la...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

2012..A preview...

I just came back from watching this movie and it is hot. Real hot.

Aaaaaahhhh..let me wipe my sweat first... This is not easy.. Have you heard the story of Noah's Ark? Well i guess you had. Take that and add another few more arks, put in them the richest and influential people in it. Its all top secret untill a father found out that the world is coming to an end and how he and his family gets to the top secret ark is the story.

"We're all gonna die!"

In 2012, the mother of all disaster movies, this be-all, end-all of clich├ęs – best when shrieked at the top of one's lungs – must be uttered to make the experience complete. And, on that, we're not disappointed.
Nor is the epic nature of the cataclysm left wanting as the mayhem is dialed up to massive proportions in this end-of-days extravaganza. Believe me Emerich had my jaw dropping several time.Thou i really dislike the exhaust pipes of the arks. ( Check it out ok..)

The movie is an undeniable visual spectacle, but just as unequivocally a cheesy, ridiculous story.

Computer-generated scenes of the world falling apart are both impressive and awstriking. We see such iconic images as the Washington Monument toppling, Rio de Janeiro's Christ the Redeemer statue taking a dive, and St. Peter's Basilica crumbling. The Himalayas take a hit from a jet, and Los Angeles' freeways collapse faster than you can say gridlock.

The global obliteration is associated with the end and restarting of the Maya calendar and widespread solar flares. While a few characters throw around jargon, the science is murky. But science is hardly the point.

At the heart of the story is Jackson Curtis (John Cusack), a failed novelist, father of two and ex-husband of Kate (Amanda Peet). He must band together with them and his wife's new beau (Tom McCarthy) for a harrowing plane ride from Los Angeles to Yellowstone, where he consults Charlie (Woody Harrelson), a conspiracy crackpot. Charlie has a map of where the government has hidden "spaceships" for such an eventuality. Meanwhile, scientist Adrian Helmsley (Chiwetel Ejiofor) warns U.S. President Wilson (Danny Glover) that it's the end of the world.

At best, 2012 is preposterous fun, with boggling special effects. Unintentional humor is a highlight, often spoken by characters who are not just paper-thin, they're emaciated.

Director Roland Emmerich (The Day After Tomorrow) is said to have spent $260 million on this array of catastrophic images. But the story is beside the point, and the protracted ending is anti-climactic.

But if you're looking for earthquakes that outpace the Richter scale, tsunamis that swallow land masses and smoke that obliterates national parks, this is that movie.
It's a global demolition derby. And, at more than 2 1/2 hours if you are just looking for pure entertainment..this is the movie of the year.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Education Ministry Screwing up 1 Malaysia Concept ( big time)

Hi guys and gals, im back after a long long break.. three months to be exact... You know when many things occure before we could write about it. something even more funnier will happen.

Now,when was the last time you saw, a Barisan Nasialan (opps.. i mean Nasional) Boss screwing up another Barisan Boss... And the Best part is Najib is the one who get screwed up this time.

You know how our "Cherry Lip Man" (sorry! you are wrong. He is not related to cicak man) came burst into the scene with his 1 Malaysia slogan and songs. Yap Im talking about Najib. He screams One Malaysia till his ball boils in his pants but his deputy is doing just the opposite to make sure that people really feel that they are not a part of Malaysia.

Im refering to the 2010 School calender where the mid semester holidays are starting in the second week and not in the first week as usuall. This affectively pour cold water on Gawai and Harvest festivals and on the notion that Sarawakians and Sabahans are also a mainstream component of a country called Malaysia.

Lets look at it this way. There are thousands of families cant go back to their native states ( Air Asia and MAS will be more than happy to let know the exact number) and many had already booked their tickets . East Malaysian ( as sometimes they are refered to) teachers are also in a limbo over this new arrangement.

How this can screw up Barisan Nasional ? This Muhidin Yassin ministry just succesfully gave out unlimited ammunition to the opposition in states. Now they are smiling for the favour done by Muhidin Yassin and probably build him a monument.

Come on guys (Barisan Nasional leaders) its a public secret that you guys are not so intelligent but dont go around showing it like this. What the ministry had in its mind when they shifted the semester holidays..? NUTs????

The most appropriate thing to do now is damage control which you guys seems to bundle in and out shamelessly. So try this.. "Sebenar nya tiada masalah dalam struktur percutian . Ia adalah kesilapan juru taip dan ia nya akan di perbetulkan." And the people will believe and forget that you guys screwed up.

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