Friday, December 28, 2007

We Are Fools

"We are fools who fight over religion. If all religions teach peace and tolerance and claim to embody that, why are their followers quarrelling with the audacity to claim they do so in God's name? Let's not be duped. The devil laughs all the way to hell while humans kill and hate each other. Instead, we should reason together, agree to disagree on theological matters but be united against moral evil. But if we are afraid of someone else's religion, we will try to shut them up if we have the power."

Whoooaaa.. the above was written by Mr Steve Oh. How true that can be meeeii ! If eveli one of us follow the love, justice , peace and tolerance that we claim that our religion teach us..than there should be no problem.

But huhh.. we always like to see the difilen (difference) and put that under telescope, microscope, steeeiitesscope.. oh not that one nah.. ok ok..what deber scope and we only want see difilen. 2.1 billion Christians (33% of worlds population) will say their religion teach to be gud and dont do bad things like fight fight meiii. 1.5 billion Muslims (21% of worl's population) will say that their religion teach of tolerance and justice and seek peace. 900 million Hindus (14% of world's population) will say their religion teach to love every living being and be good. 376Buddhist (6% of world's population) will say the same. And the list goes on maaahhh.

We all should be ashamed with the other group.. 1.1billion non religious, secular,atheist... (16% of worlds population). We shout till the pyramids tremble maaahh... that we are in the path of love, peace and justice... but we always fight. Always the emotional group.

Turn aloun and see.. maahh who is fighting less and doing more work to make the world a better place to live .. no plaiz for guessing . And many of us think these people are no gud one. They dont belive in God so they are veli evil and bad and no moral and no many things. We are superior to them because we have religion and mighty God.

So how come they are not fighting and tearing each other apart. They are the one who should be fighting for eveli small small thing and make this world a hell meei.. Aiiya..gua...maanyak malu sama dia olanggg.. Because in the name of God and Heaven, we sometimes turn this world into a secondary hell.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Aiyaaa...small small thing we fight

Aii ya... how in this country, we always fight over small small thing..! Big big things we never boodher to fight one. There are many things maa... . We can fight "kuraption". How to spell meh.. kuraption or kurang action... what deber lah. The fart is opps.. I mean the fakta is... aaiya.. wrong again nnah ; the fact is we are egg no run. Wrong again meeii.. ( I got eggs [balls], never run away one) ok..ok.. its ignorant maa.

We should fight the system which is "biro crazy" (bureuacracy) aahh.. or "big row crazy" or "bit slow lazy" whatdeber the spelling is.

Laaast week my fren from Klang got heart attack maaa... The poor fella in the hospital screaming in pain... whooaa like the bumbung want to roboh but there is no specialist doktor... or.. doctor (whadeber the spelling). Only one "spay sial least" doctor available and he oledi go lound lound to see the other sick fellas. Iiimaggine.. Klang General Hospital got no specialist doctor to attend dying patient.

The overworked general doctor who attended the patient said, the patient is gonna die.. unless he gets a specialist surgery. Since he needed specialist treatment we wanted to take him to IJN (Institute Jantung Negara). But he said that one must ikut proooper channel leii. The specialist doctor ( who is lounding lounding) should sign formsss. And the IJN must agree to accept. The only channel there I see is a black hole where the patient's nyawa going to go through. Whaaata... lubang keldai..(translate to English you will get the meaning).

And after call call here, call call there ( laaaki my phone got kredit or credit.. whatdeberlah ). Finally after so much sakit kepala, pusing kepala and pecah kepala; we manage to take him to a private hospital which ask for RM15000 deposit. whooaaa! so we pinjam here pinjam there.. (what you think along nak tolong). If we had wasted little more time, my fren wud be singing xmas carrol with Elvis Presley oledi.

Maaii God, after that experience... sometime I feel like crying.. sometimes I feel like laughing. Pak Lelah ooppps sorry.. Pak Lah always say Gilang, Gemilang (the Jacklyn Victor one nah), Terbilang. No need all that Pak Lah.. You just sit down and "bilang" how many people die because our facilities kurang terbilang and the specialist tak cukup bilang.

Sorry Pak Lah, I no go to school like you go. I no gilang, gemilang, terbilang or ada banyak kilang; but my not so intelligent heart ask me... after 50 years of medeka isnt it time eveli General and District hospital become one stop centre. (They have all the facilities and enough specialist) IF it is not... transform it into one. Only then we are truly gilang, gemilang and terbilang. ( woooa.. I can talk like that mehhh).

No facilities! we can buy one. we got money maa. Not enough? ask the deputy minister who paid millions of ringgit to get a divorce from his wife... ( he..he.. just kidding) No specialist ? We bring in from Indonesia, India and from any where lah. we got money whaat. By the way.. what ever happened to the thousands of gomen sponsored student since 80's; they never become specialist meeii.

Pak Lah you cannot say we got no money to upgrade our hospitals. Weee got money thats why you say northen corridor.. eastern corridor.. tapi hospital tak cukup doktor or doctor or whatdeber the word is.

But instead of fighting over life or death matters, now we fight over words. Did you notice how many mistake I make in using words. But that doesn't change my honesty in telling the truth. Youuuu fellas make me cry.. not sedih maaa but laughing till cry.

Abang Johari, you are very angry with the Herald for using the word "Allah". But my Iban fren say..thats the word they use in their Language to refer to God. But if you still insist that non muslim should not use the word... then how the non muslim in Selangor going to sing their state anthem which has this line.. "Allah Lanjutkan Usia TuanKu". Can we sing the anthem campur campur meii. Muslim say "Allah" and non muslim sing as "Tuhan". wonder how will it sound like. Sorry Abang Johari.. I never go to school like you go one, thats why I ask.

Friday, December 21, 2007

aiiiyaa..flood some more

Pua Kang kang: Aiyaa.. Nozi ya,Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang big flood maaa..

Nozi: Yalah.. Our Najib say there got dam burst in Thailand.

Pua Kang kang : What dam? You mean "damn"

Nozi: No lah.. the one, holding water lah.

Pua Kang Kang : Ohh like that ahh. I thought his (Najib's) ma"dam"
"out"burst and he was talking about thaaat maa.

Nozi: Aiya.. you stupid old fellow.People talk of dam, you talk of
madam.dont play play ok.

Pua Kang Kang: Aiya Nozi , how come I No Confuse. Thai Officials say "Where got ma?.wuuaa our Najib really very clever mei.Even the thais dont know there got dam burst and they pusing kepala how come they are still alive if the dam burst.

Nozi : Aiya.. you dont talk so negative maa. Najib never lie one.

Pua Kang Kang: So i guess the dam burst and the water terbang over head 200km and landed in Kelantan,Terengganu and Pahang. Thats why the Thai donno mey.

Nozi : You are so clever my lovely husband.

Pua Kang Kang: But Nozi how come mah, its always other peoples fault. Johor flooded its Singapore's fault. They korek sini, korek sana at the muara, the water made U turn and come back to Johor.But USM researchers say..its our mistake maa. Neeeeever plan properly one.

Nozi : Aiya..don't say unpatriotic things lah.

Pua Kang Kang: Now Nothern State banjir, we blame Thailand. Next when Sarawak banjir what we gonna tell? May be we can say the Indonesians in Kalimantan all kencing kencing in the river thats why its flooeded Sarawak.

Nozi. Thats a good one meiiii.

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