Friday, December 21, 2007

aiiiyaa..flood some more

Pua Kang kang: Aiyaa.. Nozi ya,Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang big flood maaa..

Nozi: Yalah.. Our Najib say there got dam burst in Thailand.

Pua Kang kang : What dam? You mean "damn"

Nozi: No lah.. the one, holding water lah.

Pua Kang Kang : Ohh like that ahh. I thought his (Najib's) ma"dam"
"out"burst and he was talking about thaaat maa.

Nozi: Aiya.. you stupid old fellow.People talk of dam, you talk of
madam.dont play play ok.

Pua Kang Kang: Aiya Nozi , how come I No Confuse. Thai Officials say "Where got ma?.wuuaa our Najib really very clever mei.Even the thais dont know there got dam burst and they pusing kepala how come they are still alive if the dam burst.

Nozi : Aiya.. you dont talk so negative maa. Najib never lie one.

Pua Kang Kang: So i guess the dam burst and the water terbang over head 200km and landed in Kelantan,Terengganu and Pahang. Thats why the Thai donno mey.

Nozi : You are so clever my lovely husband.

Pua Kang Kang: But Nozi how come mah, its always other peoples fault. Johor flooded its Singapore's fault. They korek sini, korek sana at the muara, the water made U turn and come back to Johor.But USM researchers say..its our mistake maa. Neeeeever plan properly one.

Nozi : Aiya..don't say unpatriotic things lah.

Pua Kang Kang: Now Nothern State banjir, we blame Thailand. Next when Sarawak banjir what we gonna tell? May be we can say the Indonesians in Kalimantan all kencing kencing in the river thats why its flooeded Sarawak.

Nozi. Thats a good one meiiii.


Eisyah said...

betul tu. asyik nak salahkan orang. they should admit their mistake.

peter said...

someone ask me to read your blog which you just started. Now I know why he asked me to do so.. keep it up I will be a regular reader. Its nice

gayatri said...

i like it when some one can tell the minister thats he is telling lies.

I'm Choonie. said...

Same problem in Sarawak. A few years ago, we had serious flood in Kuching which due to our tahi CM building a barrage to keep river water high high for good feng shui of the tahi's house. Then, all his tahi-tahi pengikut help him to salahkan olang lain. Not the barrage la, but due to very very heavy rain. (So, they push it to God!)

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