Friday, November 27, 2009

Let truth be told: the truth behind BTN

What is all the fuss about?

(Below is a letter taken from Malaysia today. Thank you Penagboi)

My close friend who is a teacher in a kebangsaan school had first hand experience at such a BTN brainwashing session. She and a host of teachers were all sent to a campus where they had to listen to lectures given by BTN officials.

And the contents of the lectures were all about how the Malays must always considered as more superior than other races because they other non-Malays are pendatangs. The non-Malays are in Malaysia due to the largesse of the Malays.

She likened the lecture-style and delivery very much to the way imams carry out their sermons during Friday prayers. Lots of shouting and angst. The whole experience was so repulsive that some of the Malay cikgus had to leave the lecture hall, and some even broke down and cried after listening to the pure propagandas.

I have always highlighted this Hitler-style brainwashing. There are very strong parallels between Hitler's championing of the Aryan race vs the others, and UMNO's championing of the Malay race vs non-Malays.
But when I start telling this to friends and relatives they all found it too far-fetched to believe.

So, I am very glad that MT and RPK in particular, are focusing on this very despicable policy of UMNO/BN. The very fact that BTN is under the PM's department is proof that such racist indoctrination is a very important policy of UMNO/BN.

It is again one of the many proofs of what a liar the government is when they say one thing and does another. 1Malaysia indeed!!!!

Please remember also that BTN has been operating for a very very long time, since Mamakutty's time, and definitely during Sleepyhead Bodohwi's time, and now under Najis it is still very alive and active.

BTN should be another reason why UMNO/BN has to go. We don't want racism to be an official policy of Malaysia.

I think after the local 'road show' Pakatan should continue on to turning it into an international road show.

Got it?


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