Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ball Kissed - 2

Aiiya..will someone go to Khir Toyo and tell him.. : speak the "TRUTH".( Better use a loud hailer as he is pura pura pekak badak now) As contradicting news as this Auditor: Balkis never submitted accounts comes trickling in; the next thing Khir gonna tell us is "actually we already changed the auditors firm" . (ini lawak biawak lah) he..he.. how convinient that will be? Is there any dignity left in them? A man with pride by now would have brought the accounts and showed to the public how every sen was spent prudently.

Just words. hot empty useless words with no substance and that is not going to convince the rakyat. In fact we (the rakyat) strongly believe there is a can full of worms.. and this is only the trailer..the full movie is coming soon.


barrick said...

And we had this joker as MB for so many years. What a shame

gloria said...

pua, what dignity we can expect from wolves like these. Integrity is bad word for them.

steven said...

whats the point grandpa talking to pigs like him. And he has the guts to give brooms to others. He shall be whacked with it...

fashran said...

Years of absolute power had made these people think that they are god.Malu lah orang Islam Malaysia. As a Muslim I truly feel ashamed with this husband and wife team of thieves.Harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi.

zamani said...

Oh my God, langsung tak de maruah.

kamelia said...

others have said what i wanted to say.. Langsung tak de maruah

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