Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Brand New Ball Game

Waaaa..gua tarak lama tengok itu bolasepak..maa tapi ini ada satu baru punya "bola" tak tau siapa punya bola tapi ini bola lagi mannnyak laju wooo. Itu bola nombor satu ini macam mari :
'Samy Vellu ordered temple demolition' . Lepas itu bola nombor dua ini macam mari Samy says it's Khir's fault.

Really good at kicking the ball of fault to others. "Hey lubang keldais (literal translation needed) don't you guys have the balls to stand by your deeds and beg apologies for any wrong doings". You guys are worst than shit eating pigs. Ok. I admit Im wrong. The pigs are much more cuter


steven said...

you are right. pigs are much cuter

zamani said...

The only thing we should kick is their ass

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