Friday, April 25, 2008

Happy Happy Mp

Ah.. so confusing.. or is it "Con" fused or "con"pushed..or whatdeber.. I refer to I'm Sorry but This Stinks... by Marina Mahathir. The lady in the karaoke drama tries to "con"vince or is it "con" wink all of us that the her regular patrons, the likes of honourable ex minister (MP now) are old hands at being rough and it is acceptable.

Aiiya...lady, you are not the only one; we are also really "con pee used" now. First you are sober enough on "who", "what", "when", "where" and not to miss out "how". At a time when all the women Lib activist standing on table and singing praises for your conscience, suddenly you turn aloun and "con the science" of logic. Fuyo..wa caya sama lu

Now the honourable MP must be laughing like a baboon that had bananas for breakfast. Ok..ok..But its like magic. One day you value your dignity and self respect higher than Mount Everest the next day..its not even taller than the fallen TNB Lamp post.... And you tell the whole world that the "rough ways" is part and parcel of your patrons. What your patrons are: bloody Barbarians "who release their tension"( rearrange : fcuk) on a squating rhinoceros.

But the most important question that play in my mind is : "Why the sudden U turn? What had transpired after you went to the police station. This old man only can guess . But thats what make life interesting meeeh. Lets play guessing guessing.

Could it be like this :

"You withdraw your report or we will charge you for sodomy" What? Woman? Sodomy? Aaaiya.. just tell the world that she used a rotating vibrator to sodomize Abraham Lincoln and bring a tilam buruk to prove it maa. And all the Malaysian Press will loud it on the headlines like this: "Truth Uncovered. Abe Was Sodomized To Death A Day Before Yesterday."

Or is it like this :

"You withdraw the case or we will strip you naked and distribute the video all over the world" aiiya that one old trick maa. Not going to work lah

Or is it like this :

"You withdraw or we 'C4' you". ayoyo.. that one case pun belum selesai lagi and one more c4 blast will be too much. no good idea

Or is it like this :

"You withdraw the case.. and I will give you this cheque..." Haa this one sounds better maa.

So now you know how the story ends..... What a "lubang Keldai"

1 comment:

Mey said...

wow..we had a sex maniac for a minister. luckily he is not a minister now.

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