Sunday, April 27, 2008

Waaahhh.. have you all heard wolf crying for blood? tada kah? Well listen to this: Khairy - Saman Malaysiakini dan Cik Gu Bard . Foyo.. They (kuli kuli Khairy) jump sky high and rattle their tongue as if their entire life is sticking to it. They must be specially hired for it. Or else how are we going to explain about these nincompoops writing about "truth" .

Suddenly they had been transformed into moral guardians who despise inaccurate reporting and champion the truth, Nothing but the truth. Having goosebump guys. wish you fellows appeared on the radar when all the Main stream media(MSM) "reported" (read: lied) that Penang Chief Minister Lim Eng Guan uttered about MAy 13 in his speach. Where were you guys.(ok..ok..I know...busy carrying balls) None of this Khairy stooges said a word about it and the MSM never even had the decency to apologize except for a letter of apology from Bernama sent silently.

If Lim Guan Eng is not worth an apology, then Khairy don't even deserve it. Khairy ball carriers "LISTEN" : whats goes around comes around. What the media closely linked to Khairy did to people like Anuar Ibrahim and Guan Eng, is coming back to haunt you. Maybe thats the God's way of teaching Khairy a humble lesson. Instead of screaming for blood, his followers should thank Malaysiakini for the blunder which is a blessing in disguise for their master to repent and feel the agony of bad press.

By the way; why Khairy took such a long time to react to this partucular incident? He himself was not sure, is it?


kato said...

you are absolutely right man... kang kang kang ... kuang,,

Mey said...

give them somemore grand pa

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