Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ball Kissed !!!

Ayooo.. Whatta title man. One fren ask me, What is this drama over Balkis? I told him its about house wife becomes "haus"(thirsty) wife. He..hee.. dont get this old man wrong. No sexual thing maaa... but how this wives of public servants become queens majlis perbandaran where they sapu bersih evrything they can. Read here The Balkis Saga..

Aiiya..Zaharah Kechik i got one problem meeeii. That kechik in your name is refering to your father or its saying about the size of your brain. Or is it telling us of ur self respect and dignity. You could have scored a major PR point if you had not "taken" the money. Tell me how you all got the money. Did anyone give the money because you are Zahrah Kechik or because you are the wife of the Selangor MB. If the answer is second one, than you have a moral obligation to return it to the people of Selangor.

If you try to use every single loop hole in the system to justify your actions, then the people of Selangor truly had their balls kisssed. With what you had done you look more like a wicked stepmother rather than a good hearted wife of noble (reads: no ball) man. (Sorry Khir..cant help it maa)

Tak elok sekat rezeki orang lain aspecially anak yatim.. lu takda belajar kah.


shaka said...

good one old man

rashid said...

dia orang ni lebih dari serigala..licik. mati kelak bukan boleh wang ringgit ni. Dosa kak. berdosa.zahrah..taubatlah

Mey said... gud lah. like they way you play with words. Shame on them

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