Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sarawak..can it be saved?

Before I start, let me tell you that I love the people of Sarawak (Ibans and all other dayaks included)very much as they are the most wonderful and amazing people that one will ever meet. So it hurts so much that these nice people were taken for a ride by the powers to be and they don't even realisethat.

Sarawak, can it be saved?The answer is an overwhelming 'NO". Not in 50 years the People of Sarawak will have a comfortable and prosperous life like their peninsular counterparts. Why..? Well.. there are many educated Sarawakians who wake up to call of cleansing their state by eradicating cronysm and misgovernance which resulted in Sarawak being the 2nd poorest state in Malaysia. But there are also equal amount of young ones..who think that its ok for the Government to steal and cheat big time.

Why we have people, ( some of them are University graduates ) who are not really bothered about the people of Sarawak as the whole is still a mystery . Are they so blind that they can't see a thing..or are they blindly loyal that they don't care what happens to the state..

For some of long as they are able to enjoy beers in airconditoned pub. thats prosperity and peace. Do they know that even the remotest public toilet in Peninsular Malaysia has running water but half an hour from Seri Aman or Betong the people of long houses are collecting rain water to drink . Electric? Thats a distance dream.

Some even say..that so far the opposition had not done anything? How stupid that can be? For the past 48 years..the people had selected the " present" goverment over and over, election after election..and with that, giving them all the goverment machineries including salary to serve them. So why blame the opposition for not helping.. as they have no control of any of the government agencies or the billions of fund that the state get.

And the saddest part is..these so called educated people keep telling that only BN can help as they are the ones who built the roads..ohh.. for God's Sake isn't that why they are selected in the first place. To serve. To work to dedicate their life to the people who elected them. So why say they "Help". Only God helps us because he owns you and I and he can choose to help or not. Politician are our servant..they must work..and after 48 years..this is the result we have, "The second poorest state IN the entire God damn country". In any other country they would have been sacked or sent home packing.

Yet here in Sarawak , some still think only BN can save them. God Bless Sarawak.

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