Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Permatang Pauh Celebrates..

(Taken fron Anilnetto)

A jubilant mood all over Permatang Pauh.

The poor are proud that Anwar has made it. Pak Din, a farmer said, “Biarlah Anwar tak beri saya apa-apa. Saya kesihan kat depa. Teruk sangat orang kutuk kat depa. Saya sekeluarga undi depa.”

I talked to an Indian man in his late 30s, introducing himself as Rama. He declared in Malay, “Dia orang mau kasi malu sama itu Anwar Brahim. TV kasi malu. Video kasi malu. Cakap orang besar pun mau kasi malu sama dia. Apa ini politik ka? Itu pasal saya kasi undi sama Anwar. Dia orang baik. Mau tolong sama kita.”

I met a Chinese who introduced himself as Uncle Leong. His immediate reaction to Anwar’s victory was, “Kita semua sudah kata, ini Anwar mesti menang punya. Olang BN manyak kacau. Tadak malu lo. Apa ini cakap-cakap bikin ini macam.

Anwar bukan olang macam itu lo. Dia manyak baik. Ini BN tak boleh kasi menang. Kita mesti mau itu Anwar jadi perdana menteri. Dia manyak pandai punya orang. Ini budak apa itu cakap itu macam. Dia tada maluka. Dia punya ayah pun tada maluka? Kasi malu itu orang Melayu.”

Yes, with all the machinery BN had – the TV, the newsprint, the money, the swearing, prominent spokesmen including top government officials to counter Anwar – they still lost. The people want a change.

BN’s 51 years at the helm, they feel is enough. People are now united as Malaysians. They are no more talking about racial matters. It’s the oneness they want now.
Said a foreigner from Australia at this vicinity, “It’s Anwar against the whole government machinery and yet Anwar won with a comfortable majority.

Anwar is charismatic, intelligent and is one of the best leaders Malaysia has. Next to Mahathir is Anwar. Only Anwar can bring Malaysia to the forefront in the next decade like what Mahathir did. Malaysians should give him the chance to lead the country. It would be a lost to the country if this man is suppressed for whatever reason.”

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