Saturday, August 9, 2008

Protesters stop Bar's 'conversion' forum

The online newsportal , reported that more than 300 protesters mostly from Muslim NGO's showed their displeasure at the Conversion To Islam forum as they feel it is a platform for Islam Bashing.

Now who is really bashing the image of Islam, the Bar Council or the protesters. Please don't give the world a message that potrays Islam as intolerant.

Interestingly the forum was moderated by Zarizana Abd Aziz among the speakers are Syariah Lawyer Mohd Hanif Katrif Abdulah representing FT Religous Council...

Just can't understand what is all the fuss when the objective of the forum is to high light and study the problems that arise from a conversion and seek suitable remedy for it. Wouldn't it do more good to Islam, if Muslims can allow discussions to chart a "peaceful" and "non agrresion" path towards conversion. Why oppose it? No wonder only 300 people took part and the rest didn't. May be most of my muslim brothers and sisters believe in muzakarah and muqabalah in determining this sort of matters..


Anonymous said...

entah lah..saya sebagai seorang muslim berasa amat malu ngan perlakuan sesetengah saudara saya itu. Ia adalah forum mencari penyelesaian.. kenapa ia di anggap menghina. tanya lah saudara saudara Islam kita yang telah menghadirinya... forum sebeginilah yang amat perlu bukan aksi samseng

arip leman said...

idk wat to say la sir...
coz saye bace paper ckp len,blog sir ckp len...
dis might cause by false-information lah sir...
ade org nk melaga-lagakan malaysian ari ni....
ape2 je lah
yg penting saya nk anwar menang
and pegang putrajaya

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