Monday, May 25, 2009

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian ..a review

When was the last time you went to a museum.. you know the place where they keep "yesterday" for "tomorrow" to see. I bet on my shrunked butt that it was when you were still in primary school..(ohh..those innocent wide eyed children ?) And if you think much would have changed since then; dont worry atleast where National Museum is concerned "it is a museum piece of frozen antique itself"

Can someone who is close to the museum boys, tell them that a museum doesn't have to look like a haunted house which had been evacuavated by the devil himself. My niece and nephews almost fainted out of boredom when i took them there..and the youngest one threaten to jump out of a moving car if I ever mention the place.. again

Ohhh.. about the movie...
I dont like this movie.. Talking about bad sequels..nope Im not talking about Rosmah Mansor's sequel ( for those uninformed : Najib is Rosmah's second husband, so he is a sequel of some sort.)..ok i digress..

I loved the first one, I don't understand why directors follow up with a sequel of a great film with such mediocrity. I suppose they already have an audience hooked and intrigued so they think they dont have to try harder the second time around.

You know what. watching this movie reminds me of our Perak fiasco. The muzium ( Assembly House) is divided and on one side all the bad guys,(you know who they are as they likened themselves to Mandela and Gandhi) and the oppressed good guys are on the other side.

I felt like most of the characters were over acting and worst of all the jokes felt so predictable, obvious and forced. Punch line after punch line kept rolling and literally nobody in the theatre was laughing. (Now doesn't that wee bit too familiar).
I know the first one was great but don't waste your hard earned money on this one.


Anonymous said...

Yalah sir...i was also dissapointed..


Anonymous said...

ok jugak lah sir. kami pi ramai ramai so memang seronok lah.

Saiful.Tmn Melawati

Si Pekik A.K.A Si Pekak said...

Yo old man cool daddy, whutsup??

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