Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pardon me sir....

Hey guys, do I have to tell Who is this..?

Many had asked me, why i have been quiet for some time.. Well, it is very dificult to write when one is laughing and rolling on the floor..with tears of insane humour enveloping the eyes.. .."So many tangles in life are ultimately hopeless that we have no appropriate sword other than laughter" thats what Gordon W. Allport said.

I was hysterically in laughter..imagining our beloved Datuk Seri Najib, taking over from Sleeping beauty Badawi.. Then when the actuall take over came..I burst into a avalanche of laughing fits... May be good old Najib farted nitrous oxide. According to wikipedia, laughter indicates merriment, satisfaction or derision and they should include that some people may laugh when there is a prospect of extreme heartbreak... or agony.

And to make matter worst.. Our much hyped (Thank you TV3 and RTM: this world will never see a better butt polishers than these) Mr PM had to come out with something so.. funny. "One Malaysia"! Unless if you think that we still harbour the "divide" feeling of East Malaysia or West Malaysia.. you are singing the wrong lyrics for the wrong song again.

Or is it, you mispronounced the word. I guess he has dropped the letter "g". It should have been "gone" Malaysia, indicating "habis lah Malaysia"
..or is it "z"one, indicating Malaysia to become corruption zone, or is it "t"one Malaysia, which means they will use all the goverment agency to control and tone the people of Malaysia.

Pardon me sir, how dare you talk about One Malaysia when your party and its media arm, shamelessly ride on racial agendas. Your intelligence unit either misled you by telling that 90 % population of Malaysia are Blind and Deaf or simply stupid. Pardon me again, sir, the only stupid thing around now is ..a party which did not learn anything from the March 08 defeat or the consecutive by election defeats. You know which party it is, as you are leading it now.

Sir how can we attain one Malaysia when there is this coloum : race, in every application form handed out by the goverment. Why the "oneness" that you propagate, is not observed. Or is it, just a catchy motto for you to shout.

If that is the can shout, you can scream or you can even sing... but dont take the rakyat for fools. As we know when you have your ways..its "d"one Malaysia.. as there wont be traces of justice in anything.. and you will strip it down to "b"one Malaysia where nothing will be left and then the country will end up "L"one Malaysia in the list of hopeless nation. Pardon me sir.


Anonymous said...

welcome back papa

Anonymous said...

waaa atuk//u really rhjoy whacking the fellow haaa

Anonymous said...

grand cant help it dont you..

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