Monday, July 16, 2012

Devil's Son

Is this a curse or what? It must have been the curses of the countless heads dismembered during wars those days. Or it could be a revenge or sorts that these restless souls taking on the latest generation of their nemesis.? Or is it the devil itself had sent in its own son to lead the state for years.?

No matter how we look at it.. the people are the victims. The worst part, some of these people don’t even realize that they are the victims. Ayo..yo.. can’t the devil’s performance be better? No way.. as far as devilish act is concerned..Taib Mahmud is the permanent Champion.

No;  I am not jealous of his bustiful oppss (oh my English )   I mean beautiful wife.. Why should I ? After all, its his problem how he “manages” bedroom adventures he..he.. But my problem is how he manages the states.

Even the horniest Gorilla might have stop masturbating when it heard that there is no land grab in Sarawak. That was the shock wave or shall I call it syiok wave which went through every worm hole and cave hole in the state. The only hole that it didn’t penetrate was..hmm just forget it.

Coming back to Devils and curses.. ( and their spouses J) its astonishing how a Chief ( ok I agree, I misspell sometimes its “Thief”) Minister doesn’t even understand the very basics of nature that the true natives of the land who lived a nomadic life since time started; like the Penans own the jungle. It’s the government which comes into existence  thousands of years later , with its own sets of new rules must comply with the nature dwellers.

Its the  so called government’s arms that reach deep into the Penan’s habitat. They don’t need a piece of paper to show their validity to occupy the land just as much Taib don’t have to show the validity of his ability for bedroom adventures.  We don’t want to know ,its just his “fucking” business that didn’t concern us.

Just like that..what the Penan wants to do with their anchestral land is their birth right. How much of the land they occupy is also their birth right. Just who the devil are you to jump into their village and chase them out.

Can I just jump into your miserable bedroom and chase you out while your “mounting”  (yap, pun intended. After all it’s a big mountain..he..he..) is in progress telling you that you are actually ruining it and it doesn’t benefit anyone as you are “biting” more than you can “chew” (pun intended). How will you feel then Taib “mountain”.. opps.. (hmm sorry, typing error again as the mountain of his keep crossing my eyes.. he..he..) Mahmud.

Can someone bring a letter from the court stating that you are too old.. (even older than some of the trees your cronies fell) to “deforest” (just being polite mate) a  young virgin (?????) ? “NO” is the answer, Just like that. You have no rights what so ever to tell the Penans that they don’t own the forest.

Well Taib..put back your dentures now, you might need it to baby bite ..oppss my imagination and leave the Penans alone.

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