Thursday, July 26, 2012

"Janji ditepati"? (Promises fulfilled?)

Its interesting to see how BN leaders crow about their promises had been kept and they must have had amnesia of the grandest scale that they even make it as the Independence Day slogan.

Never mind if some DUMNO leaders say that we have  never been colonialized but they see its fit to spend millions of ringgit to celebrate independence day and giving it a political slogan instead of a patriotic one.

Now coming back to the issue.."promises'. Lets look at the themes of BN's election manifestos  .  Mahathir said :
"Manifesto BN,  merupakan janji yang boleh dilaksanakan oleh kerajaan yang memerintah dan bukan hanya untuk memancing undi."( manifestos are the promises which will be carried out by the government and not just to fish votes)

Below are the themes of their manifestos over the years:

 1982 : Tradisi Membela Rakyat

 1986 :  Kearah Keamanan, Kestabilan dan kemakmuran

 1990 :  Berwawasan, Adil dan Efisien

 1995 : Vision , Justice and Efficient 

 1999 : Malaysia Bebas, Sepadu, Maju (printed but did not launch the manifesto)

 2004 : Cermerlang, Gemilang  dan Terbilang
           ( Excellence, Glory and Distinction)

2008 : Selamat, Aman dan Makmur
            ( Ciri utama : Menangani isu pendatang
              tanpa izin)

In every one of the manifesto, they promised to eradicate poverty and most important of all, they promise to check corruption which even after 30 years.. they find something too difficult  a promise to keep.

So when they can't even keep their biggest promise, what 'Janji Ditepati' they are crowing about. ?



Air Kosong . said...

ap pndangan tuan tentang lagu tema hari merdeka/??

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