Tuesday, July 31, 2012

PKR's Rafizi arrested under Bafia

What just the police are thinking? Or shall I say the UMNO and BN dudes are up to? Just few months ago they (Najib's Govt) went on the national tv ( or is it BN TV?) and promised  the entire nation
that whistle blowers will be protected. 

Now they have arrested Rafizi for blowing the cover off Sharizat's Feedlot scandal and he is being arrested for showing the world "thieves" who stole the rakyat's money. Instead zooming in with full force on NFC scandal , they have been treating those who exposed the shameful scandal with ultimate prejudice.

Is this the janji di tepati ( promises fullfiled) the PM has been tellin g everyone? The promise to the cronies..i guess..

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