Sunday, August 5, 2012

SHOCKING M'sia 10th LAZIEST nation in the world & the WORST in SE Asia

Malaysia is the 10th laziest nation in the world! The shocking piece of finding came from an international study timed intentionally to coincide with the London Olympic Games.

Worse still, Malaysia turned out to be the most slothful nation by far in Southeast Asia, scoring 61.4% on the inactive index versus Cambodia's 11.2%, Myanmar's 12.7%, Vietnam's 15.3%, Thailand's 19.2%, Philippines' 23.7% and Indonesia's 29.8% . Perhaps due to its small size, neighboring Singapore was not on the survey of 122 countries grading about 89% of the world's population.

Comment : Well if one just sit around coffee shop shop and wait for government contract,  how to be not lazy. There are simply too many  politician wanna be wgo adopt this lazy lifestyle. Don't take my word..just walk around the stall and you will know what I mean.
They will talk for hours over a miserable tea.


Nicole Naicker said...

Reading this just makes me wonder where South Africa would be on that list...

It's really frustrating when you work so hard for the little that you have and then you get those sitting on their butts doing nothing and demanding that the government provide for them! And don't even mention the beggars! If you're fit enough to run around and maneuver your way through traffic to beg I'm sure you can go and find a job and work...

mohsin said...

nice blogger

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