Monday, July 2, 2012

The Dayak Dilemma

 As an activist, I'm disheartened to see the Dayak community being taken for a ride by the  savaging federal government and the ruthless state government after plundering the resource rich state to the hilt. Any rational minded person can never tolerate such despicable acts.

I frequently write in my blog , comment in facebook  and in numerous other web sites on how the government has been hoodwinking , manipulating ,scamming and swindling  the poor people. The BN is ungrateful to people of Sarawak who made it possible for BN to cling on power when some states dropped BN.

My contentions are..

i) Sarawak should have a major highway like PLUS in the peninsular; linking Kuching and KK in Sabah.. In peninsular they approve RM 22 million per km to build a highway to link Banting and Taiping but for Sarawak they only approve RM 200 thousand per km to repair the Pan Borneo Highway which is a death trap at certain places. Building dual carriage road should not be a profit driven act but its the basic right of every Sarawakian to drive on safer roads and the travel time to be shortened . To upgrade the present Pan Borneo Highway to dual carriage highway will only cost a fraction of what it cost to buy the unsinkable scorpenes. So its the governments moral and public obligation.
If they can spend billions to buy useless submarines why can't they spend the same for the rakyat of Sarawak and Sabah.  The government is not a company that put profit first but it should make the people their priority.  If the cost should be justified by the usage than how one can justify the purchase of scorpene submarines.

ii)There should be individual radio stations for the major Dayak groups such as Iban and Bidayuh so that they don't have to share air time. If the Malays.Cinese and  Tamils  can have their own radio stations 24/7 why can't the Ibans have it? .

iii) As Sarawak is one of 3 entities that form Malaysia together with Sabah.. it should have its own television station catering for their main ethnic groups. The air time can be shared by the all the groups. Again profit should not come into consideration as it should be part of RTM's public service and RTM  not only should encourage local content in the programs aired but also  become a platform to enrich the ethnics rich culture be it in music, play or  film.

There must be a “Sungai Buloh” class hospital in every division of Sarawak. The government should not give any excuse in building quality hospital for the people of Sarawak. after all they (Sarawakians) are the fixed deposit of BN party as claimed by the Prime Minister. So why treat the people so  badly  when they are the ones who put you in power.

In peninsular the BN government find it fit to build a RM22 million school in the interior part of Pahang where there are only 15 students but why schools in Sarawak's interior left to rot.  Compare the facilities of schools from the interior of Peninsular and those of Sarawak’s. Than we will see how much education had been deliberately neglected in Sarawak.

The most important thing of all.. about one third of the people election observer group “Malaysian Election Observer Network” (Meo Net) has met in the interiors of Sarwak cannot register as voters because they are not document.
This is the scariest scenario of the Dayak’s Dilemma where the government did not reach out to its people to document them. But immigrants from neighbouring  countries were given instant citizenship. Why the people of the land is silently sidelined and become stateless in their own state. There is definitely a hidden agenda.

The people must rise and demand their rights. They should use their voting power to get what they want and choose the next government who is willing to cater for their basic needs. Remember ..the people are the real BOSS

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