Wednesday, June 27, 2012

BN in Sarawak behaves like Zionist Israel

26th June, is the day many in Sarawak will remember as the day when Barisan National showed its true ugly land grabbibg face. There have been hundreds of land grabbing cases..but this one is one of the best.

Imagine the total disrespect on behalf of BN when their cronies; WTK march on to evict 300 people of Rumah Umpol, Ulu Niah without offering a single sen in conpensation.. The 60 doors long house has been in existence for decades and they have documents to prove their legal standing over the land. 

It clearly shows how BN had grown to become  inhuman and heartless , brutal and cruel,merciless and savage. Is this BN's gift to the people of Sarawak for being their "fixed deposit"

The question is, didn't BN told the whole world that their policy is "people first" (rakyat didahulukan) but why treat the poor Ibans as if they are slaves.

BN proudly proclaim that "Janji ditepati" (kept the promises) and that is this years Merdeka slogan.But the question is "janji pada siapa"? why the people were treated like they are 3rd class animals.Why there is wanton disregard for their rights.?

It has been BN's traditional motto: "tradisi membela rakyat" (Upholding people's right is our tradition)but now we know that all these sweet words are mere lip service as BN is just like Zionist Israel, where they don't care for the people's anchestral right.

Now the people of Rumah Umpol in Ulu Niah, are against the  big bullies in every way they can.. They  even call their anchestral spirits  to be with them to fight the evil intruders. 

The rest of Sarawak should not just stand and watch. Join the fight and show the "power crazy monsters" that people are the real masters. Spread the word that how the BN will grab their land and no land is safe. Its time to take back what is rightfully yours.."Sarawak".

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