Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pan Borneo Highway

How many of you will really believe that this is called Pan Borneo highway? To people in peninsular, this is called jalan kampong but here the people are led to believe that it is a highway.

After robbing Sabah and Sarawak of its wealth, dignity, pride and its freedom, now the federal government is insulting them even further. The federal goverment keep spending  lavishly on useless projects , covering up their cronies "shit pile" that stinks to hell  gate and constantly bailing them out every now and then.

Let me recap some of the shameless BN's financial wizardry that could have been put to good use :
 RM 30    Billion    Bank Negara Forex Adventurte,
 RM 52    Billion    Bumi share Copperfield Act.
 RM 12.5 Billion    PKZF  scandal
 RM 6.78 Billion    PSC Naval Docyard
 RM 4.4   Billion    Putra Transport system Bailout
 RM 3.2   Billion     Star LRT Bail out..
 RM 1      Billion     Euro Copter Bail out..

guys Im getting bored with all these figures that look like never ending Rosmah shopping spree..

So lets continue.. What I am trying to say is that the government which shouts and scream  "People first" (rakyat diutamakan) ..actually doesnt even know the meaning of those words.

Just look at the paltry amount that they gave to improve the longest road in Malaysia. Dato Seri Sariman Mansor ( Works Minister) proudly declared that RM 423 million will be given to upgrade the 2083 km long Pan Borneo highway. That comes to 203,000 thousand per kilometer. (try to buy a double story house in Kuching with that money..

Compare the amount that they (The BN government) spend on the highways in the peninsular. A new highway will be built from Banting to Taiping at a cost of 7.07 billion for 316 km. That is RM 22.3 million per km. And this highway is actually not necessary as there are other supporting highway networks such as PLUS and The federal route 5 (dual carriage way) or the Elite Link. With all these functioning well, yet the government sees its fit to spend  a humungous RM 22.3 million per km whereas the Sabahans and Sarawakians whom the BN goverment consider as "fixed deposit" for their power source only entitle for a measly RM 203k per km. 

This is insulting. More insulting than calling Rosmah ; Dr Rosmah. The good minister said something like this.."if the people are willing to pay toll than the BN government will try to build better roads like the one in peninsular." 

Now where the hell this idiot got his education from? University of KGB in Siberia or he never went to school at all.? Who are they trying to hoodwink with this moronic logic. Just because the people are being polite that doesn't mean that they are stupid. 

I just can't fathom  who is he working for? Has the government lost all of its public obligation. Its called "government" for a reason. Its main job is to seek ways to serve people, to plan and build basic infra structure ranging from roads to hospitals. 

Its the people's money and they have no bloody business telling the people its not viable to spend more for something as vehemently important as The trans Borneo Highway. The trans Borneo Highway should have been built some 20 years ago along with North South Highway which cost 3.5 billion back then. ( Given to the worst bidder). Building roads is the most important task of any government and it is evidently clear the BN is only interested in building good roads if there is a cut for them thru their cronies.

A highway consultant reiterated after taking into consideration all the related factors..the cost of building a world class highway from Kuching to KK should approximately coast around 10 million per km . Do your maths and you will know for less than 30 billion we can have a wonderful world class highway that will elevate the growth of Borneo and spur lots of corridor development and not mentioning the high standard that will ensure the safety of its users.

And if any minister tells you that its not economically justified to build such highway. just let loose a Sabahan "Orang Utan" to sodomize him. 

Hopefully Pakatan Rakyat will make a "proper" Trans Borneo Highway as one of their election manifesto together with "superior standard" general hospital in in every division.

The people are the true masters of the country..the politicians are mere running dogs. Put them where they are.

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