Friday, June 15, 2012

Sarawak : Unassuming Delight (Part 2) : BETONG

Ever had a feeling of entering a time capsule that has caught the essence of long forgotten life style.? Like walking into a time tunnel that transport you back to sixties and seventies.

Betong is one such town where you can still encounter P. Ramlees and Salomas in their mismatch pants and shirts or Sarongs and shoes. Strangely it doesn't appear odd and weird as it reminds the alurements of your fashion savvy uncle and aunties of the sixties that strike an instant chord of melodious background score..

And while still  showering in the imaginative melodious score,  the way people go by their usual chores , the semi wooden buildings that had seen life changing faster than astro channels,, the way  things laid in the "pasar" more orderly than our parliament  , the cock and hen wrapped up artfully  to be sold off; looks more alive than the promises made by "fear for nothing politicians" will add value to the mental picture that one had already started casting in their mind.

 Even the restaurants, still carry that by gone era's charm; low price and large servings that comes with a big warm smile. and the operators are friendly enough to ask questions on our special needs.

The market place has a magical lure unlike Chow Kit which has transformed itself into a scary market. 

The delicacies, definitely not the usual stuff that we get to see in KL. Moreover the different types of rice being sold here adds an aura of ancient trade to the entire existence with its exotic names.

 To be fair.. Betong is fast catching up with the rest of the place around the country thru its Betong Baru initiative but I hope it wont strip itself from the old world charm.

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