Monday, October 22, 2012

Khir Toyo..grounded.

Khir Toyo was finally humbled when he has to apologize to Ronnie Liu.

Khir made the open apology in court by reading out a prepared statement in English and then Bahasa Malaysia.

Khir said he hereby apologises to the Pandamaran assemblyperson and state exco member following an article titled 'Khir membongkarkan lapuran polis Liu Tian Khiew pernah bercampur tangan dalam urusan menghapuskan kegiatan pelacuran (Khir divulges a police report, that Liu had intervened in a vice eradication matter)'.

"In the article, I had implied that Liu (centre in photo) had obstructed the officers of the Subang Jaya Municipal Council and the police in closing down a hotel in Puchong which I insinuated was a centre for prostitution activities.

"I apologise to Liu for further insinuating that he was involved in such activities, which is totally untrue. I deeply regret for causing Liu severe distress as a result of the publication of the said article and hereby retract all statements made against him and apologise unconditionally," said Khir.

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