Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Indiana Jones : A Preview

stanleyenge (movies profile) has these to say :

6 Reasons not to watch Indiana Jones

1. Spielberg is a genius, but his effort in this film was weak, rushed, and uninspired. Anyone who has studied filmmaking knows what I'm talking about.

2. The editing of the movie was not done with any true effort, passion, or creativity

3. The writing was subpar and the plot was confusing and ridiculous. I heard sarcastic yawns from the audience many times during the movie.

4. The special effects, by today's standards and Spielberg's standards, were cut-rate and boring.

5. The cast had no chemistry whatsoever. The characters were not developed, and thus I could not connect to them. The female antagonist failed to inspire any fear or loathing. The Karen Allen character was wasted and misused. Indy and his son had zero bonding chemistry.

6. The violence was too tame. "Raiders" had gritting visuals that send chills down your spine. This latest Indy film was very tame and had to work hard for the PG rating.

I will have to rent Raiders and get the bad taste out of my mouth.

Now lets see what the expert critics are saying:
Brief Review

Boston GlobeTy Burr
"...grand old-school fun..." more...

Chicago Sun-TimesRoger Ebert
"I can say that if you liked the other Indiana Jones movies, you will like this one, and that if you did not, there is no talking to you." more...

Chicago TribuneMatt Pais
"...highly enjoyable if somewhat unsurprising..." more...

E! OnlineChris Farnsworth
"...Indy proves he's still the best there is at dodging bullets, death traps and flesh-devouring ants." more...

Entertainment WeeklyLisa Schwarzbaum
"The movie's legacy may simply be the melee that ensues when Spielberg cracks the whip and moviegoers scurry for tickets." more...

filmcritic.comChristopher Null
"I guess the best recommendation I can ultimately offer is this: As I write this review two days after the screening, I'm still humming the theme song." more...

Now, do I have to say more. Enjoy the movie mates.

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