Monday, May 5, 2008

Raja Petra Becomes Maha Atma..

Whattaa lubang keldai these Police force and Malaysian Government are made of. There are hundreds of important cases still collecting dust... missing children are still missing, crime is soaring like Pak Lah's Jet, price is gate crushing like nobody's business but they are more concerned about what a blogger has to say.

Raja Petra charged, chooses jail over bail screams a headline. And immediately the bloggerspere was alive with stories... Raja Petra charged with sedition over 9 paragraphs reads one.. followed by Save Raja Petra Campaign . Almost all major websites has stories such as this: Raja Petra Kamaruddin - the People's Hero . But above all this one is eye cathching.. Rakyat hairan, bagaimana begitu cepat Raja Petra didakwa .

Now we all know that Raja Petra is of royal family but he is down to earth and willing to go to jail for fighting to upkeep justice in this beloved country. Raja Petra is truly towering and true Putra of this soil. Long live Raja Petra

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kamelia said...

Mereka mesti jawab di akhirat atas kezaliman mereka..

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