Thursday, May 22, 2008

Manchester United : The Champ

What would make 200 hundred man and women to stay up untill 2.30am and besiege a mamak outlet that is already packed to the brim? Football. Yesss!!!! and that comes no bigger than the European Club Championship final.Manchester United: Champions of Europe Again.

So what can one say now. To all the Chelsea screamers who went back with their head (which head is this) between their legs.. sorry buddies... For Arsenal fans who wanted Chelsea to win so badly, and then went home with piss in their arse(nal); next time mates and for the Liverpool fans who wanted to see Man U crawl, keep looking guys.. for you may see your own team crawling all over.

We, The MU fan are going treat ourselves to Indiana Jones today.. and guess what..the Chelsea gang is buying the tickets. Thats the bet. Yeeehaaa. Heeeii..who's gonna pay for my pop corn?


diedie said...

eleh sir..
mu mnng juz nsib je..
xdda maknanyer..

faReesYa-faRhan said...

MU is the best..!!

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