Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Soccer Players

I was watching preschool kids playing soccer at their school ground this morning. It went like this : The cute (all of them are, for that matter) keeper of "Team A" kicked the ball directly to the nearest player who is the striker of "Team B". Instead of kicking the ball into "Goal A" he turned around and went towards his own goal (rasa terhutang budi kot kerana dapat bola).

Just few steps forwards, a "Team A" player ( his teamate) intercepted.. (or pushed, more like it) and took possession of the ball. And all ten players tirelessly ran all over the places... their aim : to kick the ball once; tak kisah lah arah mana, janji tendang.

Since they were going around and around for almost ten minutes, the keeper of "Team B" left his goal post and went off to the toilet. "When you goota go, you gotta go."right? The teacher frantically ran after the tiny goal keeper, calling his name. All present were in stiches, holding their stomach with tears in their eyes. I almost rolled on the grass with hysterical laughter. And the best part, "Team A" failed to score at the vacant "Team B "goal post. In fact they were too busy chasing the ball and never came near the goal post.

It was first class entertainment and wish our national team could be this entertaining. By the way, "Team B" won 2 - 0. (Both own goals) and I have to buy my nephew (the keeper who went to kencing, well thats my kerabat) a new watch. Kids these days.. :)

1 comment:

gloria said...

well what can you say.. children are children. I have two kids on my own. And when I go shopping leaving them behind i Have to bribe them. :)

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