Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Iron Man a..preview

Aii...ya... When this old man was taken to the movie Ironman by my much much younger (girl) friends ( don't get jealous meiii) I was over joyed. Imaaagine being flanked and escorted by young sweet sweet things.. he..he.. All eyes on me maa.. Bahagia sekejap.

That is where the problem starts.. You begin to wish you have that suit ... hmm..hmm.. My naughty mind constantly strayed from the movie.. to think ; how if our beloved Pak Lah gets his hands on one of these suit. ( well Jean will be happy for sure he..he..)

Imagine, Pak Lah walking around with sleek futuristic suit that can blast (not c4 blast) any mortal enemy away. (I can see Najib scrambling for the Obadieh's prototype suit. it matches well as Obadieh and Najib sama botak.he..he..) Its also a good idea as no one can catch this "sleeping Beauty' (Pak Lah le) in action (tidurlah tu) or nobody can blame him for not listening as the suit almost has no ears (aaaiya it is also got no #$@# but thats no problem..Jean will tell you "why carry things that you dont intend to use???")

Seriously, they ought to come out with "Iron woman". But they don't have to go far looking for the prototype as our very own Iron lady (Nenek Rafidah lah) can play the part effortlessly. But what about the massive frontal "bump" and lavish hind "hump". Well I guess they have to come up with a design so that the bump can house rocket launcers and the" hump" is where the supersonic engine located.. What a roar will come out from rafidah's...$%#@. hah..never mind.She probably fart louder than that. (Sorry nenek.. old age like that maa).

Hey..I was suppose to review right. As they say good things doesnt need advertisement.. just watch the movie.. You will know for yourself.. If you insist you click hereCritics Reviews to learn more. Alternately can click here 'Just the Facts' on IRON MAN to get more interesting infos.

Have a great time watching this marvellous movie.


kamelia said...

Old man. teruk lah you..but i think its really funny.

Mey said...

you dirty old man. with all the problem in this country you could still joke about rafidah farting. I like it

gloria said...


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