Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dr. M main sorok sorok

Waahhh..what exciting time this is? Even the highest paid hollywood script writers cant churn out something this silly.. Did I say silly.. Well how you will call that. "I am leaving the house because he is in. Chase him out than I will come back". Hello smart ass.. its you who put him there and thats make you the biggest culprit.

Tun.. its true what they say.." when one gets very old (as old as Tun I guess) they become childish." True or not. One blogger wrote " It’s All Unfolding... Right In Front Of Our Eyes! " and he was definitely right as Tun never had any patriotic reason behind his decision. Just personal. If you want this country to be run in the way you wish then why you resigned.

You are oledi lah old maaa.. Even your own son is not listenening . Today he said want time to think.. Najib practically will leave his decision to his secondhand wife, Rosmah. Syaed Hamid is already sweating on his slippery head. Muhyiddin is already reading yasin. Aaahh. so umnoiiissh.
Lots of hidden agenda and personal vendetta. There is nothing for the country.

Tun its better for you to leave and never come back. Adios amigo.

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