Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Pak Laaah...pak lah...!

Wakakakakaka... ! Why am I laughing? Cause there is an Indian say ; "laugh when you approach crisis". Ini macam punya orang pun adakah? Just before the election with a puffy bread face and heavy eyelid he said he has not made up his mind on the date and the very next day he called for an election. Now after pointing to August for a fuel price hike, he suddenly announced the immediate hike.

Don't know what actually Pak Lah is doing. If he is doing something at all (sorry!! no sexual inferences here). One day he says something and the very next day he turns over and say a totally different thing.

The last time he incresed the fuel price he promised to use the money to improve public transport but see what we have now. Ita worst than ever. Fuel price hike can only mean one thing... Your actual income slashed. This is what Tun Dr Mahathir has to say :"I may be mistaken but there seems to be less vehicles on the road today. But obviously that is not all that will happen. All other consumer goods, services and luxury goods would increase in price.The cost of living must go up. Put another way there will be inflation and the standard of living will go down"

Tun Dr Mahathir continued : "The increase hurts but the pain is greater not just because of the increase percentage-wise is higher than in developed countries but because of the manner the increase is made.A few days ago the Government decided to ban sale of petrol to foreign cars. It flipped. Now foreign cars can buy again. Flopped.Knowing that in a few days it was going to raise the price and foreigners would be allowed to buy, why cannot the Government just wait instead of banning and unbanning."

There is something obiviously wrong with this Pak Lah regime. Either all of them are "bobalicones" (spanish for ninconpoops) or they think the rakyat are "engenas" (Portugese for fools). What ever these "распутники матери" (its russian and its really bad ) think they are, they are surely ruinning this country.
De god Behalve ons land

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