Friday, June 27, 2008

Its A complex Matter....

Two days ago, when reporters press Najib for an answer on ( Nightline TV2) : "Project IC" he simply snubbed by saying "its a complex matter. Let us handle it". Well, do you need any better prove that Najib is as sincere as a Hollywood actress saying "ouchh" on her first night of the seventh marriage just to impress her seventh husband.

If the Sabahan so called leaders still think that the federal government is all out to address the woes and settle it once and for all, than they will think that American will leave the Iraqi soil tomorrow and never to return. Come on guys, Najib is lying thru his butt and you can see that in his eyes. Do you all think that they are dump enough to dig a hole, called "grave" and bury themselves.

The Federal Barisan will never let the oppurtunity to conquer Sabah disappear just like that. Just wait for three more years. Not many of you will get a seat to contest. By then the "new Sabahans" will occupy everything so that feds don't have to even look at your direction. If they are sincere, they would have announced a road map of doing so. Atleast they can say..that all foreigners holding mykad will be given a red IC which allow them to stay but not stray.

This is the bite. Don't you guys miss it. That goes to the Sarawakians counterparts as well.

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