Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How stupid they can be..

Hannah Yeoh, the Subang Jaya assemblyman, has been banned from attending her school's prefects' reunion. She said her alma mater, SMK Subang Utama has been forced to withdraw the invitation presumably because she is from the Pakatan Rakyat.

Hannah said she has been told by the organisers that the event would be cancelled if she turn up. This is ridiculous. Surely, as the pride of her school, she's a natural choice as the guest of honour. If the Education Ministry wants to be sticky about this, then a directive that says no politics from guests should be issued.

That would be acceptable. Do they need the students to tell them what democracy is all about and the choice of the rakyat must be respected, no matter how painful it is to them? When the students hear about this stupid ruling, what would they be talking about in their school and their homes? There are already grumblings from PR elected representatives in other states, too.

What does this latest incident and all the other previous incidents tell all of us??? It tells us that we are ruled by a bunch of goonies who are sore losers. No pride, no dignity, no shame but worse of all, no brains! Yes, I am talking about all those BN goonies...

sourced from: Wong Chun Wai's New Malaysia

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