Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Why so many people are pissed off by SPR (Suruhanjaya Penipu Rakyat)

In more than many ways Election Commision (SPR) failed to impressed the people of Malaysia. Let us see how they should have conducted themselves before, during and after election?. Did they exhibit any qualities that come near  these :

  • Acting with integrity: 'I will conduct myself in such a way that my speech and acts are honest and trustworthy, able to nurture a culture of truth and reliability;'
  • Being incorruptible: 'I will not accept any financial or other obligation to individuals or organizations which could lead me to act unethically in my duties and responsibilities;'
  • Acting impartially: 'In carrying out my duties, including making appointments, awarding contracts, grants, or recommending individuals for benefits, I will make fair choices which do not unduly or unjustly favour those with whom I have other ties;
  • Being transparent: 'I will be transparent in my decisions and actions and will not withhold information which is in the public interest;' and,

  • Being accountable: 'I recognize that I am accountable for my decisions and actions and will submit to whatever scrutiny is appropriate.'                                                                                                                                                                                         Or have they been witnessed being these :
    • upholding the constitution and abiding by the legal framework, its rules and regulations;

    • neutral and professional conduct in fulfilling the duties of office, including not providing any preferential treatment or wearing or displaying any political party logos, symbols or colours;

    • not accepting anything of value (money, offers of employment, gifts, travel, etc) in exchange for preferential treatment or access to a public official or nonpublic information;
    • not discriminating against anyone because of race, color, religion, class, sex, national origin, age or handicap;
    • hiring and promotion based on professional skills, not because of personal or political affiliations;
    • use of public office facilities and position to fulfill the terms of office, not for personal or partisan benefit. This usually includes office time, personnel, facilities and equipment;
    • not pressuring or intimidating other officials or personnel to favour a certain candidate or for them to misuse their offices or facilities;
    • avoiding conflict of interests, or the perception of conflict of interests, by abstaining from decision making if there is a personal or private interest in the matter;
    • disclosing financial information, if required by law, on a regular basis; including salary, 
    • directorships held, honorariums paid and other sources of income; and
    • disclosing waste, fraud, abuse and corruption to the appropriate authorities. .

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