Wednesday, May 8, 2013

BN; Creating Unrest

Again Mahathir and Najib stirred the hornets nest by inciting racial tension between the Malays and Chinese. But the rebute they got for this is simply unprecedented as barrage of criticisms were thrown at them in the electronic media.

True to UMNO and BN colours, they quick to use the racial card to deflect the people's concern about cheating and rigging during the 13th GE.

It beginning to look like BN's trusted modes operandi, when they are cornered with an issue..they deflect it with some sensitive issues without even explaining it.This time around..they have a mountain to climb to deny the allegations.

In the modern age of communication..the alleged frauds were well documented. and thats what UMNO/ BN is trying to stop from spreading.

Remember Bersih..2.0. Thats exactly what they will do. Deny..deny and keep denying untill the next election is due



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