Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Trouble Ahead For Najib

And when he thought he had weathered the worst for the election;
  his nightmare is far from over. Who needs enemy when one has friends like Tun Mahathir.

Trouble is seen brewing in the horrizon when the sly old political witch Tun Mahathir ; stated "I didn't expect Najib to do worse than Pak Lah". Check here

That seemingly harmless comment actually send chilling tremors in UMNO land. The warlords are awaken, warriors are shaken, the admirals are alarmed and above all, Queen Rosmah is terrified.

Is Mahathir preparing for another "Mahathir Spring" that he did for the "Sleeping Beauty" Abdullah Badawi? Just before the polls Dr.M warned Najib that he might need to go if he fared badly in the GE. Now exactly that was what Najib did. His performance is the worse ever by a PM when BN lost the popular vote for the first time in history.

Lets wait and see whats next for BN and UMNO..its exciting times indeed. 

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